It seems that Netflix has brought out more interesting titles than usual in 2019. From The Casketeers to Last Chance U, it looks like the streaming service is broadening its horizons.

In August 2019, Diagnosis was released which is a ‘medical mystery’ show. However, the Netflix series is much more than that as each episode focuses on individuals with serious health issues.

While some of their health problems are misdiagnosed, others are completely undiagnosed leaving the patients with debilitating illnesses that aren’t being treated.

Dr Sanders is the driving force behind Diagnosis, she looks to social media to help solve some of the most difficult to determine health issues.
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Netflix: What is Diagnosis?

Diagnosis is a new medical series to Netflix in August 2019. The 7-episode series kicked off from August 16th.

The Netflix series is created in association with the New York Times meaning that people from all over the world can be easily connected. They can therefore potentially help to diagnose some of the most difficult medical issues in existence.

Dr Sanders deals with patients from all over the USA who are dealing with illnesses that are yet to be diagnosed properly. Many are on medications and have been misdiagnosed and others just have to live with excruciating pain.

The series connects patients, through Dr Sanders, with other people from all over the world who have experienced similar symptoms in order to get to the bottom of their illness.
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Netflix Diagnosis: Meet Dr Sanders

Dr Sanders – or Lisa Sanders M.D – is the woman behind Diagnosis. She’s an American Physician who works at Yale University.

As well as being a doctor, Dr Sanders is an author and medical author. She has written for the New York Times magazine for 15 years and has her own book.

Dr Sanders book shares the same title as the Netflix series, Diagnosis, and looks at solving ‘the most baffling medical mysteries’.

Lisa describes how her train of thought in medical diagnoses evolved from thinking it was as simple as “four times six is twenty-four” to more of a Sherlock Holmes-style investigation. She explained that there’s often more than one possibility in diagnosing an illness.
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Is Dr Sanders on social media?

If Diagnosis shows anything, it’s that social media and the press can be put to positive use.

Dr Sander’s love of crowdsourcing means that she must be on social media and it turns out that she is.

You can follow the Diagnosis Dr on Twitter under the handle – @LisaSandersmd. However, it doesn’t look like she’s on Instagram.

Before the series aired on Netflix, Dr Sanders had almost 3,000 Twitter followers and once the series gains some more viewers, we’re sure that number is set to sky-rocket.
Screen Shot: Diagnosis Dr Sanders – Netflix


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