Darcey & Stacey: Did Darcey and Georgi break up? Their engagement explored

TLC viewers were shocked when rumours surfaced in February this year that Darcey Silva, who was engaged since 2020, was selling her engagement ring.

The rumours started after many fans spotted a ring on her business website, House of Eleven, with the name “Darcey’s Engagement Ring.

The ring has a 14k gold plating and comes with a .925 sterling silver setting and is still available on the reality star’s website. It is priced at $49.99.

The ring sparked rumours about Darcey and boyfriend Georgi Rusev’s relationship, leading many to believe that the duo’s relationship was over.

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Did Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev break up?

  • No, the reality TV couple is still together and going strong!

While Darcey’s Instagram is still private, her boyfriend still posts their pictures together.

He posted a picture of them posing together at the beach, during sunset on May 15. The caption read, “So much love in the Sun, Happy Friday. Enjoy the beautiful day.”

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Darcey commented on his post saying, “Always so much love in the sun!” with heart emojis.


However, one peculiar thing about the pair’s latest pictures is that none of them features the engagement ring.

The Darcey and Stacey star posted a video on her TikTok of Valentine’s day on Feb 15 this year, where she was seen wearing the engagement ring last.

While many fans tried to read too much into this, it could just be that, her poses in the latest pictures just didn’t show her ring finger.

On the other hand, the TLC star’s business website also features an engagement ring with her twin sisters name, entitled, “Stacey’s Engagement Ring.” Hence, the ring on the website doesn’t necessarily suggest that Darcey and Georgi’s engagement is broken off.

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TLC Stars’ relationship on reality TV explored!

Fans have followed Darcey’s journey since her 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, times.

She appeared on four seasons of the show and was romantically involved with two different men before she found her fiancé Georgi.

Initially, she was with fitness instructor Jesse Meester. Her second flame was the English businessman Tom Brooks. However, both these love affairs were short-lived.

Given Darcey’s fame and entertaining persona, she and her sister Stacey were offered another show (Darcey & Stacey) which chronicles both their lives, relationships and careers.

By the end of the new show’s season 1 in 2020, we found out that the 46-year-old star got engaged to her Bulgarian boyfriend Georgi. The couple had taken this major step in their romance in June but it wasn’t until October that the world found out about it.

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