Did Jack Fowler just lose his Oluwajack nickname? Twitter says so!

Jack Fowler may have just lost his ‘Oluwa Jack’ nickname following a comical Radio 1 Extra appearance earlier this week (Wednesday 1st August).

The 22-year-old from London was given the nickname during his time in Love Island 2018 and has since proudly donned the term ‘Oluwajack’ since leaving the villa.

Speaking to Radio 1 Extra as he was presented with a bag of gifts, including a Caribbean-themed vest and tropical fruit plantain.

Or… is it plant-in?


Jack Fowler as Oluwajack

Jack caused a lot of speculation on Twitter as he flaunted a unique and unpredictable accent over the course of his stint in the Love Island 2018 villa.

After hearing his accent, some sections of social media believed that it sounded Nigerian.

With the word Oluwa meaning Our Lord and often making up part of a name, the term ‘Oluwajack’ was given to Jack.


It all began with 140 characters from @BeeBabs

However, it was later revealed that Jack is half ‘Saint Helenian’.

The island of Saint Helena is part of the British Overseas Territory and lays on the South Atlantic Ocean, sort of between Brazil and Southern Africa.

Technically, however, St Helena does belong to Africa as a continent.

Here’s it’s a damn sight easier if we just show you…

Oluwajack No More

Despite – albeit tenuous – links back to Africa, Jack Fowler suddenly fell out of favour with the ‘Oluwajack’ crowd during his performance on the BBC 1 Extra show.

After opening his bag of gifts, Jack went on to pronounce “plantain” as “plant-in”.

The banana-like plant is typically pronounced like rain, pain and gain in parts of Africa, whereas, in the Caribbean, it is pronounced “plant-in”, just as Jack said.

Oluwajack is Now Leroy?

It may not be as catchy, but some section of Twitter are now donning Jack Fowler with the simple nickname of Leroy – in French, Leroy is a French baby name that means King.

The common Jamaican first name is in reference to his pronunciation of “plant-in”.

This Insatgram user commented: You can’t be called Oluwa Jack no more you are now Jack Kartel. He’s officially a YARDIE ?????????????????????? no more OluwaJack ??‍♀️”

Likewise, sections of Twitter have since enjoyed flaring up the ‘Oluwajack’ debate, with Leroy firmly chucked into the nickname hat.




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