Tammy and Amy Slatton are back with season 3 of ‘1000lb sisters’ and fans have been eager to know if Tammy lost the weight.

Since season 1, Tammy and Amy have come a long way. While Amy managed to lose weight and welcomed a child, Tammy struggled to get her act together. However, things seem different in the upcoming season and it looks like there might be light at the end of the tunnel for Tammy.

Note: The following article contains spoilers for Season 3

What to expect from Season 3?

In Season 2 fans found out that Amy had welcomed a child while Tammy decided to get out of a relationship. The two sisters seemed to be on a different journey in life but that did not stop them from being there for each other.

While Amy had been happy with the new change in her life, things seemed to get worse for Tammy as she was told she could be left bedridden due to her weight. This seemed like a wake-up call for Tammy as she decided to work on herself while moving on from her previous relationship.

With Tammy taking this journey alone, she was focused on turning her life around. Season 3 will dwell on what Tammy had to go through due to her weight while shedding light on how Amy’s life has changed.

Did Tammy lose weight?

In the trailer that was shared with the fans, it was revealed that Tammy had managed to lose 60lbs. The reality star seemed happy with the progress. However, looking at Tammy’s social media, it seems like she is still struggling with her weight.

The last post made by Tammy was on October 5. In it, Tammy can be seen wearing a nasal cannula. At the moment, it is unclear why the reality star had that on. However, looking at her latest pictures, it seems like Tammy still has a long way to go.

Despite this, we are sure Tammy will manage to turn her life around with Amy by her side.

What has Amy Slatton been up to?

At present, Amy has been enjoying motherhood. Most of her Instagram pictures tend to involve her son. On November 10 the reality star even celebrated her son’s first birthday.

Sharing his picture she wrote: “Screaming happy 1st birthday. To my wonderful son. We love u more then you realize. You are kind sweet and little bit of rebel in you as well. Im so honor and proud to say im your mum. Dada and i love you so much. You are our heart and soul…”

It is unclear if he will be making an appearance on the show.

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