Discovery’s Deadliest Catch is not the show for the faint of hearts. Over the course of its 16 wild and adventurous seasons, the show has lost many of its cast members and vessels.

Often times many ships featured on Deadliest Catch are in danger of sinking. However, over the years fans have gotten especially worried about The SAGA.

Captain Jake Anderson from Deadliest Catch, has taken care of The SAGA over the years. Both he and his ship have consistently faced peril in his offshore ventures.


Did The SAGA sink on Deadliest Catch?

Although The SAGA has not been featured on Deadliest Catch season 17 so far, it doesn’t look like the ship has sunk. At least not yet.

A recent report on Marine Traffic’s website reveals that the Saga last arrived at Dutch Harbor, on its homeport in Alaska, on April 13, 2021. Although it’s been some time now, it is highly unlikely that it would have sunk since then.

The Marine Traffic website reveals that The SAGA is currently out of range from the harbour it previously docked in.

So far neither Captain Jake nor the makers of Deadliest Catch have notified the fans about the ship.


How old is The SAGA on Deadliest catch?

The fishing vessel is currently 42 years old. It was built in 1979 and is still sailing under the flag of the USA. Overall it is 33 meters in length while its width is 10 meters.

Deadly instances involving The SAGA and Jake Anderson on Deadliest Catch

Fans of the Discovery show will already be aware that The SAGA is easily one of the most difficult ships to maintain on the show.

Its ginormous size, age and the fact that it’s being looked after by a young captain acts to its disadvantage. Jake from Deadliest Catch had bought the ship in 2015.

The captain made all the necessary renovations to keep it afloat. But this did not stop the two from coming face-to-face with danger multiple times.

The most spine-chilling near sinking experience that the ship had was in Season 16, Episode 19. Jake and the crew needed to repair the ship’s rudder midst rowdy sea.

The loose rudder fell out, which means that the ship could either flood now or even sink. Moreover, a loose rudder makes it astronomically difficult to steer.

Another near sinking experience came when The SAGA was going through the False Pass strait with limited power.

The strait was extremely difficult to navigate thanks to its shallow waters, and The SAGA barely survived the treacherous ride. Luckily, Jake made it through the perilous strait, but who knows what future dangers The SAGA could face in Deadliest Catch in Season 17.

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