Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners is back in 2021! Having an illegal industry air on TV may seem strange to some. Making and selling moonshine, which isn’t taxed in the USA, could land the cast of the show in hot water but, as per Distractify, the moonshiners would have to get caught on the job if anyone wanted to do anything about their activities. Therefore, viewers get a glimpse into the lives of the men who operate in the backwoods of Appalachia.

Digger and Mark from Discovery’s Moonshiners run their own legitimate distilling company called Sugarlands. Their work-life appears to be flourishing in 2021, but what about the cast’s love lives? Let’s find out more about Eric Manes AKA Digger – does he have a wife?

digger moonshiners wife
Screenshot: Daniel Partners with Mark & Digger Moonshiners wife

Get to know Digger

Digger, whose real name is Eric Manes, has appeared on Discovery’s Moonshiners since 2014.

As per IMDb, Eric has featured in 114 episodes to date alongside his co-star Mark Ramsay.

He’s around 57 years old judging by a previous Instagram post on his 55th birthday. He reportedly hails from Newport, Tennessee in the USA.

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Moonshiners: Does Digger have a wife?

Yes! By the looks of Instagram, Digger does have a wife. For many years, people have wondered about Digger’s private life but he’s kept it under wraps.

However, as of 2019, Digger took to Instagram and has shared with the world that he has a partner.

It’s not totally confirmed that the woman in multiple photos with Digger is his wife, but given that his best friend, Mark, is reportedly married, we’d assume that the blonde lady posing with Digger on Instagram is his wife.

After some searching on the Mark and Digger Facebook page, it appears that Digger’s wife is Allison Manes. She read an Easter service on Facebook and also looks to be a business owner herself. She owns the Fruit Jar Alley stores in Newport, Johnson City and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight | Official Trailer | discovery+

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What about Mark’s love life?

It has previously been reported that Moonshiners’ Mark Ramsay is married.

He’s also pictured on the Mark and Digger IG page with his wife, so we can assume that both men are taken.

Follow Mark and Digger on Instagram @markandigger where they have around 4k followers.

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