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What happened to carl on Gold Rush

Discovery: What happened to Carl on Gold Rush? Is the mechanic ill?

What happened to Carl on Gold Rush? Season 11 episode 17 sees the show’s mechanic forced to leave the mining show for emergency surgery.

The people who star in Gold Rush are no strangers to the odd injury. Season 11 sees Johnny slip on a rock, while broken arms and other injuries have also occurred in past seasons.

But, when it comes to Carl Rosk, the severity of his illness looks to have taken him off the show. So, let’s take a look at Carl and what happened to him.

Screenshot: Gold Rush – Discovery YouTube channel

Who is Carl Rosk?

Carl Rosk is a cast member on The Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush.

According to Discovery, Carl was born into the gold mining trade and owns 1,000 acres of land which he mined with his late grandfather.

Eating pizza, dirt biking, fishing and hunting are all past times of Carl’s – when he’s not mining for gold, of course.

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What happened to Carl on Gold Rush?

Carl has appeared on Gold Rush since 2015. Six years later, he’s a familiar face on the Discovery show.

Fans of the show were understandably concerned when it was revealed that Carl would be taking a break from the show in episode 17, ‘Growing Pains’, to receive emergency surgery.

By the looks of things, Carl’s ill health isn’t new to some Gold Rusg viewers. A Reddit thread from 2019 discusses how Rick spoke of Carl’s health problems during season 9 episode 12.

Does Carl from Gold Rush have cancer?

It doesn’t seem that Carl has spoken publicly about his health, surgery or cancer.

However, there has been an ongoing theme in the show that he has disappeared for multiple surgeries.

Reddit users took to the internet in 2021 to discuss whether Carl is in ill health or not in a thread.

Reddit user The-Scotsman said: “The tumour was mentioned a year or two ago in a previous season. THis is just surgery to get it removed. It’s a positive thing. They said it didn’t go as quickly as normal, but I’d expect he’ll be fine in he end.

PM-Me-Electrical said: “He talked about having a tumor on his lung and another on his spine, Season 9, Episode 11, so it’s been with him a while.”

Season 9 episode 11 saw Carl not only state that he has a tumour, but he also had a breakdown during the show. It’s likely that Carl has exited season 11 for surgery for a tumour, however, he hasn’t confirmed any details about his health.

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Screenshot: Gold Rush – Discovery YouTube channel
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