Do you get paid to go on Naked Attraction? What's it like to appear on the show?

Channel 4 is always on hand to bring some wacky shows to our screen.

And Naked Attraction is certainly up there. Anna Richardson holds her own presenting the show which sees people pick one another for a date based on their naked bodies!

It’s one of the more risque shows on TV nowadays – let’s face it, you’ve got to have some nerve to strip down to the nude on national telly!

You’ve got to put it all on the line as a contestant. So, do you get paid to go on Naked Attraction?

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Do you get paid to go on Naked Attraction?

Reality Titbit spoke to Naked Attraction contestant Richard Clements in January 2019 to find out more about the show.

Richard was asked whether contestants are paid to appear on the show. He replied: “No!”

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“I heard that people who are on standby get paid £75. But that’s the people who are the backup option in case anyone pulls out.”

However, as a “picker” on the show, if you do end up on a date with someone, Richard revealed that you are allocated a fair amount of money each to spend on the date.

Richard said: “I had my date the very next day, with the Naked Attraction team choosing the location. You get about £50 each to spend on the date so it’s all good fun.”

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What’s it like to go on the show?

If you fancy appearing on the Channel 4 show, then you certainly can by applying firstly through their application form. Note: You must be 18 or over to apply. Follow this link to apply.

It’s best to get yourself ready for the audition stage of the show though as you’re required to wear your Birthday suit in front of total strangers!

Richard explained:

“As far as auditions go, it was pretty different. You’re shown pictures of different naked bodies and asked what you do and don’t like, and then at the end, they literally asked me to get naked! I was asked to sing and dance and you’ve basically got to prove that you’re confident and comfortable.”

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