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Does Jonathan Fernandez have a husband on Love and Hip Hop: New York?

Jonathan Fernandez is amongst the cast of Family Reunion: Love and Hip Hop, and viewers are wondering if the VH1 star is married.

The latest Love and Hip Hop show has brought together cast members from each of the four cities, so viewers can see all their favorite stars in one place. The show features members such as Ray J, Trina and Bobby Lytes.

Reality Titbit have explored Jonathan’s relationship status, and the rumours that he was unfaithful to ex-boyfriend Trent…

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Super Trailer

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Super Trailer

Does Jonathan Fernandez have a husband?

Each one of the Love and Hip Hop franchises are nothing short of drama and scandals, and Jonathan Fernandez has been involved in a fair few of them…

Jonathan is currently single, however back in 2018 he was accused by his now ex-boyfriend Trent Crews, of cheating on him. Trent explained that Jonathan had been involved in a ‘secret marriage’ the whole time that they were dating.

However, Jonathan went live on his social media to clear up these rumours. He explained the marriage on his live:

” I was working on getting my marriage annulled. You cannot have an annulment when people live in two separate states, you just can’t, it doesn’t work like that. So, it became complicated, and that’s the best that I could tell you”

Jonathan also cleared up the speculation of cheating on Trent by saying: “I never cheated on Trent, I never slept with somebody else, I never engaged in sexual activities or even accepted advance from somebody else whilst I was with Trent”

Who is Jonathan Fernandez’s ex-husband?

There is little information as to who Jonathan was in a ‘secret marriage’ with, however reports have said that his name was Jonas. The Love and Hip Hop star has also revealed some information about their relationship.

He explained that when they got married, gay marriage had only just been legalized a few months prior, so when Jonas proposed to him he thought “lets give it a try”. However, the marriage didn’t work out and the pair decided to stay friends.

Not long after this, Jonathan met Trent, and although he was still legally married, he hadn’t been intimate with Jonas in a year and a half.

Jonathan’s mother sent him to gay conversion therapy

Jonathan came out as gay to his family and friends at a very young age, when being homosexual wasn’t as normalized and accepting as it is today. He has revealed on Love and Hip Hop some of the traumatic, saddening stories he had to go through growing up as a gay male.

Fernandez explained that he was bullied throughout high school because he “didn’t fit a conventional gender role”, which is what led his mother to send him to see a doctor for gay conversion therapy. His mother explained that watching him being bullied was painful for her, so she did “what she thought best”.

He said that at the therapy, he wasn’t just injected with hormones, and that they would also lock him in a room, constrain his body and interrogate him, whilst giving him shocks.



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