Does Susie come back on The Bachelor after her explosive exit?

Does Susie come back on The Bachelor after her explosive exit?

The Bachelor viewers want to know whether Susie will come back after her explosive departure in the latest episode of the ABC reality series.

Tuesday’s episode (March 8th) was a major blowout for the Clayton’s relationship with Susie after he revealed that he’d been intimate with someone else on the show.

She decided to distance herself from Clayton but viewers are now confused whether she will return for the grand finale.

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What happened between Susie and Clayton?

During the episode, Susie and Clayton had a heart-to-heart conversation during which Clayton declared his love for her and spilled out major things about his romantic relationships with other contestants.

“You’ve made me feel a way I haven’t felt in so long, and it’s so exciting when I finally allowed myself to open up and feel those feelings,” he said. “I am in love with you, and I’ve wanted to tell you.” 

Clayton went on to say that he’d been intimate with someone else, explaining: “Yes, I have slept with someone else here, and yes, I have expressed feelings to someone else of falling in love.” 

“I told myself coming into this that I wouldn’t fall in love with multiple women, but it’s happened.”

Susie said that she wasn’t “comfortable” to share his love with someone else and walked out of the show.

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Does Susie come back on The Bachelor?

Yes, Susie will come back. According to Reality Steve, Susie will return for the final rose ceremony of The Bachelor’s 2022 series.

The publication has promised plenty of drama for Clayton’s finale which is also reflected in the promo trailers for the final episodes.

There are major surprises in store for the main man of the show but we won’t be spilling any tea from the outlet’s report. If you do decide to read their article, bare in mind that it contains major spoilers for the finale.

Viewers can tune in on Monday, March 14th, and Tuesday, March 15th, to watch final two episodes of this year’s series.

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Viewers react to the latest episode

While many viewers look forward to the finale, others have been sharing their reactions to the latest episode.

“Woke up still thinking about last night’s bachelor episode. Clayton owes Susie a BIG apology,” tweeted one fan.

Another one commented: “Susie girl. It’s never asking too much. Your standards are never too high. The one for you will rise to meet your standards.”

Another user reacted: “Clayton: ‘I am the most in love with you Susie’. Really hope he’s not watching this with Gabby or Rachel right now.”



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