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Does The Family Chantel celebrate Christmas in 2021?

Christmas is creeping up on us along with The Family Chantel season finale, and viewers are wondering whether the family will be celebrating Christmas this year.

The Family Chantel season 3 is coming to a close, but the drama definitely isn’t. The TLC show revolves around Pedro and Chantel, who are best known for appearing on 90 Day Fiancé.

After an explosive argument last year, viewers are wondering what the Christmas situation will be within the family in 2021. Reality Titbit have found out who won’t be celebrating the holiday this year, and why.

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Does The Family Chantel celebrate Christmas?

In 2020, Chantel Everett organized to take a family Christmas photo on The Family Chantel, and it didn’t go down well. When they met up for the photos, Chantel’s sister Winter claimed that she doesn’t celebrate Christmas so she’s not keen on the idea.

This caused uproar between the sisters, and Chantel claimed that she has celebrated Christmas her whole life. She said that they “made Christmas cookies, had Christmas stockings and sat on Santa”. However Winter said that this was just when she was young, and “moving forward I don’t celebrate Christmas”.

From this episode, it was clear that the family do celebrate Christmas, however Winter doesn’t. Her reasons for this were explained during The Family Chantel.

Why doesn’t Winter celebrate Christmas anymore?

During The Family Chantel, there were lots of accusations being thrown around as to why Winter doesn’t celebrate Christmas anymore. Chantel suggested that this decision was influenced by her boyfriend Jah.

Chantel has said that Jah has changed her sister and has been holding her back from celebrating holidays with her family. She believes that she doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas due to the religious influence Jah has passed onto her sister, and that she is “blindly following his teachings”.

However, Winter has explained that she doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas because she doesn’t understand it anymore as it’s “commercial” and “they just want you to buy”.

Winter and Jah’s relationship explored

Winter and Jah’s relationship has been very controversial within their family. Since getting together, Jah has convinced Winter to join him in his Nazarene faith on The Family Chantel. Chantel is worried that he has too much influence over Winter, and that she’s following a religion which she doesn’t fully understand.

The pair have been together for six years, and got engaged earlier this month. However their relationship has been far from smooth sailing.

Chantel discovered that Jah had been hiding a son from Winter for the whole of their relationship, which led to the family turning on Jah. The Family Chantel viewers aren’t the biggest fan of Jah either, and think that their engagement was a bad idea.



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