Why fans think Dolores Catania has a new boyfriend

Why fans think Dolores Catania has a new boyfriend

Dolores Catania’s relationship with Dr. David Principe had been the talk of the town in season 10. Now, some fans are convinced that the pair broke up and the reality star has a new boyfriend.

The trailer for season 11 of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ dropped on December 20 and fans are looking forward to the drama. The short clip promised a lot of entertainment as the relationships between the cast members shake due to their differences.

Amid this, some viewers have been wondering if Dolores’ relationship with David take the center stage in the upcoming season.

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Why fans think Dolores Catania has a new boyfriend

Fans think Dolores might have a new man in her life because of an Instagram story she posted on her page recently. In the selfie that was posted by the reality star, Dolores was seen posing in front of a man who is named Paul G Connell. She captioned the picture as: “My favorite lifeguard.”

Along with this, Dolores also posted two heart emojis. Unfortunately, not a lot is known about Paul. When one visits his Instagram profile, it says that he is from New York. At the moment, he has 520 followers. It looks like Paul likes to keep his personal life away from the media as his Instagram is currently in private mode.

Due to the picture, fans are also suspecting that things may not be great between Dolores and David and that the pair might have broken up.

A look at Dolores Catania and David’s relationship

Season 10 hinted that there might be trouble in paradise as the pair seemed to get into several arguments. Fans even questioned the relationship when Dolores revealed she wasn’t moving in with David as he had not given her a commitment. Meanwhile, David was vocal about his dislike towards Dolores undergoing plastic surgery.

Dolores also shared a moment with her mother in the previous season where she spoke about her relationship with David. During their conversation, Dolores mentioned that David did not give her enough time. However, he managed to make up for it by gifting the reality star a Porshe.

But now, fans have doubts about the relationship after Dolores posted that picture with Paul.

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What has the reality star said about her relationship?

In November, there were rumors that Dolores and David had broken up. Speaking to Reality Blurb, Dolores asked fans to “stay tuned” to see what happens. At the same time, she added that it wasn’t necessary for David to always be by her side even if they were in a relationship.

She said: “You can’t go by David not being with me. He’s never with me at events, right?”

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until February 2022 to know the status of her relationship as the all-new season of RHONJ is set to air then.

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