Donna is known for her regular appearance on Black Ink Crew. Viewers are starting to wonder what her real name is, and if she has a twin…

The VH1 reality series shows us the real ins and outs of working in a tattoo shop, which is often paid visits from hip-hop stars and celebrity clients.

Donna is one of several stars who get involved in the daily operations and staff drama at the store, in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City.

So, who is Donna? What is her real name and does she actually have a twin? We have all the information you need to know below.

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Who is Donna on Black Ink Crew?

Donna, who joined Black Ink Crew for season three, is a 28-year-old TV star.

Starting off as an apprentice for Caesar Emmanuel, who owns the store, she has gone on to become a full-time tattoo artist.

Originally born in Cleveland, Ohio, she is currently engaged to her co-star Alex Robinson and living in New York, near to her place of work.

When she’s not busy creating tattoos, Donna often gets involved in charity work, including her participation in the Hurricane Harvey relief.

What is Donna’s real name?

  • Taylor Monet Pinkney

Although she is known as Donna, her real name is reportedly Taylor.

Most fans genuinely think her name is Donna, as heard on the series, but most of the cast members use fake on-screen names.

For example, Jakeita “Sky” Days’ real name is actually Jo Keita. It is thought that celebrities sometimes do this to mask their real identity.

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Who is Donna’s twin?

  • Britney Lombardi

She isn’t the only Virgo in her family, as Donna has a twin sister called Britney, who has twin sons of her own!

Though we aren’t sure if they are identical, they sure do look like it.

However, the two are as different as the moon and the sun.

Donna moved to New York and started her tattoo career, while Britney stayed in Cleveland to start a family and works as a nurse.



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