Doubling Down with the Derricos: Where do they live? TLC family’s house explored

Anyone watching Doubling Down with the Derricos may well wonder where the family lives. Let’s take a look at where the Derricos call home.

TLC is the channel to go to when looking for an eye-opening series. And Doubling Down with the Derricos is just that. The family of 16 gives viewers an insight into what life is like with multiple sets of children. The series is as equally heartwarming as it is eye-opening, however!

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Doubling Down with the Derricos: Where do they live?

The Derrico family lives in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Father of the Derrico family, Deon Derrico is 49 years old and was born and raised in Detroit.

The Derrico’s mother, Karen Derrico is 40 and comes from Kingstree, South Carolina.

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What is the Derricos house like?

According to Distractify, the Derricos home is comprised of 2,400 square feet.

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The kids, in age order, are Darian, Derrick, twins Denver and Dallas, quintuplets Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician, and Daiten, twins Diez and Dior and triplets (Awesome) Dawsyn, De’Aren and Dyver.

Distractify also notes that the kids most likely sleep in bunk beds which surely seems logical and that the Derricos parents opted for changing their house’s theatre room into a nursery to accommodate all the children.

Not only does the family of 16, plus grandma GG, live in the house but they must require a whole lot of storage space at home, too.

Karen revealed that the family spends around $3,000 on groceries every month and that they go through 15 boxes of waffles and 20 rolls of toilet paper in a week.

Although the household must be extremely busy, it looks as though the Derricos’ home is very well-kept as it’s almost always spotless on the TLC show. Karen can often be seen pointing out her husband’s OCD. The family also has a holiday home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Meet the Derricos on Instagram

The Derricos are on Instagram with over 8,000 followers @doublingdownwiththederricos. By following the family, fans can stay up-to-date with all the latest goings-on in their life.

The first season of Doubling Down with the Derricos aired in 2020. Now, the TLC show has been renewed for a second series in 2021.

While the Derricos family IG account is still racking up followers, father of the family Deon has a huge Instagram following of over 42k. Follow the real estate investor @deonderrico.

Karen also has an impressive social media following. She has almost 50k followers on IG @karenederrico.

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