Ryan Thomas has mentioned an Indian heritage on several occasions throughout his time on Celebrity Big Brother.

Recently, Ryan and Hardeep debated over race, where the former Coronation Street actor added that he was “a quarter Indian” during the discussion.

So, who are Ryan’s parents? And how does musician Dougie James come into all of this?

Who are Ryan’s Parents?

Ryan Thomas was born on 10th June 1984, in Manchester, England.

We know that his dad is Dougie James and his mum is called Gail.

While Gail has completed plenty of interviews over the years – commenting on Ryan’s career from quitting Corrie in 2016 to joining Aussie soap Neighbours this year – we know little else about her, as she prefers to remain unnamed.

She’s blonde, has a great smile, and must be very proud of her son!

Who is Dougie James?

Dougie James is a well-known music promoter in Manchester and former soul/jazz singer.

He was the lead singer of Dougie James and the Soul Train and an established musician in the 60’s and 70’s who briefly toured with The Jackson Five.

It is believed that this is where Ryan gets his Indian heritage from, although it cannot be confirmed.

Ryan has mentioned that he is “quarter Indian”, meaning it would make sense that dad Dougie James is half-Indian, with Ryan’s grandparents (on the James side) Indian.

Racial Tensions in the Celebrity Big Brother House?

There have been signs of slight racial tensions over days 17 and 18 inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

During the opening week in the house, Ryan played along to Hardeep’s banter and jokes about him being Indian.

Hardeep once said: Stop being so cute and I wouldn’t be so distracted by your quarter Indian face.”

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 - Hardeep.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Hardeep.

He also dressed Ryan in one of his Sikh turbans and teased Ryan because he couldn’t grow a “full Indian beard”.

This banter has since stopped, however, with Ryan admitting to Dan Osborne that Hardeep’s constant mentions to race were agitating him.

Ryan said to Hardeep: Colour is always mentioned with you, it’s a massive thing for you. You always say ‘brown person’ or ‘white person’.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 - Ryan Thomas

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Ryan Thomas

It does bother me how much that colour has to come into something when we are in this house. It might be a big deal for you on the outside but in here, I want you to know it doesn’t matter if Jermaine is black or white, it’s just a matter of is that person a good person or not.”