Who is Dr Kendra Segura's husband Hobart Leung? Meet Married to Medicine: LA star's family!
Dr Kendra Segura and Dr Hobart Leung

Who is Dr Kendra Segura's husband Hobart Leung? Meet Married to Medicine: LA star's family!

The ladies of Married to Medicine: LA have returned for a much-anticipated second season.

The hit Bravo series follows the glamorous lives of doctors and their partners in the Los Angeles medical community as they balance careers, families and friendships.

Season 2 brought a number of returning faces such as Imani Walker and Britten Cole, as well as new cast members Kendra Segura and Lia Dias.

And quite naturally, viewers at home want to learn more about Kendra and her husband Hobart Leung. So, let’s meet the couple and get to know them better!

Dr Kendra Segura and Dr Hobart Leung

Meet Dr Kendra Segura

Kendra is an obstetric/gynecologist and a first-time mother from LA.

She did her residency in Rochester, New York and completed a MA course in Public Health at Loma Linda University in California.

Kendra entered the medical community at a later stage of her life and she discussed her decision to study medicine in the book ‘The Chronicles of Women in White Coats’.

As a newbie to Married to Medicine: LA, the cameras follow Kendra and her husband as first parents to Hart, as well as the challenges that come with raising a child and juggling a medical career.

Who is Dr Kendra Segura’s husband?

Kendra’s husband is Dr Hobart Leung. Hobart is an internist –  a medical consultant who specialises in internal diseases.

Hobart studied at the Ross University School of Medicine, but there are no other details if he gained other medical qualifications elsewhere.

He works at the Metropolitan Medical Group, a medical practice based in San Bernardino. He also practices at the Community Hospital of San Bernardino.

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Follow Kendra on Instagram

Kendra’s Instagram profile is getting hits and likes now that she’s on the Bravo series.

She has more than 16,000 followers at the time of writing, but we’re sure this figure is set to rise further. Follow her under the handle @drkendramd.

Meanwhile, we weren’t able to find Hobart on Instagram. Kendra doesn’t tag him on their photos together and it looks like he doesn’t have a public Insta profile.



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