Eat Well for Less? Frozen vegetable tagine recipe and prep!
Screenshot: Eat Well for Less? BBC

Eat Well for Less? Frozen vegetable tagine recipe and prep!

Audiences were salivating watching the launch of Eat Well for Less? as presenter Priya Tew showed Gregg and Chris how to make a quick and easy frozen vegetable tagine.

Made from mostly frozen ingredients, the recipe is entirely prep-free, making it the perfect weeknight dish.

So, want to find out how you can create it at home? Here’s how to make the perfect frozen vegetable tagine…

Screenshot: Eat Well for Less? BBC

What is in the freezer friendly tagine?

The best of this recipe is that is pretty much made from freezer food, meaning there is little wastage or prep time.

To make the tagine, you will need butter beans, tinned tomatoes, and a variety of frozen veg including spinach, squash, carrots, peppers, courgettes and onions.

To flavour the dish you will need some frozen garlic and ginger as well as ground coriander paprika and cumin and a vegetable stock cube.

Screenshot: Eat Well for Less? BBC

How to make the frozen vegetable tagine

The beauty of this midweek dish it that it only takes 20 minutes to cook, meaning it is perfect for when you are in a rush or just exhausted.

Step 1: Heat a pan and add oil, adding in frozen carrots, onion and celery.

Step 2: Add frozen garlic and ginger to the pan, before adding the ground cumin and smoked paprika.

Step 3: Follow this by adding in the frozen butternut squash, mixed veg and tinned tomatoes.

Step 4: Fill the empty tin of tomatoes up with water and add to the pan, then add in the butterbeans.

Step 5: Crumble in the vegetable stock cube and simmer with the lid on for 15 minutes.

Step 6: Add in frozen spinach and cook for a few minutes, add coriander and serve.

Screenshot: Eat Well for Less? BBC

What did they say on Eat Well for Less?

Priya informed the chefs that the frozen meal is not only quick but also cost-effective coming out at just £1.52 per portion.

Reviewing the meal, Masterchef star Greg said that he loved the natural sweetness of the dish and noted that the beans and aubergine gave the dish a meaty texture.

Chris echoed the praise calling the dish “Absolutely fabulous and packed full of flavour”.

Screenshot: Eat Well for Less? BBC

Watch Eat Well for Less? next week

The BBC One series will continue to air on BBC One every Thursday night.

It airs at 8 pm and is also available on the BBC iPlayer.

Tune in to find out more cooking hacks from Gregg Wallace, Chris Bavin and Priya Tew.

Screenshot: Eat Well for Less? BBC


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