Everything you need to know about BBC Three's new show Eating With My Ex

After Netflix’s Back With the Ex,  Channel 5’s Make Or Break and MTV’s Ex on the Beach there’s clearly something about couples reuniting that viewers love.

Gear up for some awkward conversations, serious confrontations and heartwrenching reunions as BBC Three’s Eating With My Ex is here.

The show sees couples meet for dinner to see if they’re over or they’re giving their relationship another chance.

Here’s everything you need to know about Eating With My Ex!

Eating with My Ex Scearcia and Stephanie at Ethos, London – BBC Three

How Many Episodes are there in Eating with My Ex?

There are currently 12 episodes of Eating With My Ex available on BBC’s catch-up website, iPlayer.

Episode 1 of series 1 was uploaded on January 22nd, 2019 and the series will be available for five months.


How to Watch Eating With My Ex

Eating With My Ex reunites couples and allows them the opportunity to ask any burning questions or simply get some closure on their break-up.

Each couple goes for a dinner date to clear the air with their ex. Then they’ll decide if they’re over for good or if they’ll get back together.

Rather than airing live each week on BBC Three, Eating With My Ex is currently only available to watch via BBC iPlayer.

Eating With My Ex BBC3 – Savanna at Bocconcino, London

Who Will Appear on Eating with My Ex?

Episodes 1 and 2 of series 1 features couples, Niall and Chloe, Jodie and Jason AKA Sharpie Major, Steph and Scearci, Savanna and Courtney, Lydia and Jake and Luke and Lewis.

The couples’s dinner conversations get pretty awkward as they get the chance to get everything off their chests and have it out with their ex once and for all.

Eating With My Ex BBC3 – Chloe and Niall at Turtle Bay, London




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