Eleanor Calder Instagram: 7 hottest posts from Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend!

Eleanor Calder Instagram: 7 hottest posts from Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend!

Now that we’ve got to know Eleanor Calder, the girlfriend of X Factor judge Louis Tomlinson, a little better, we’ve been having a scroll through her Instagram.

It’s safe to say, Eleanor’s feed is pretty great. Her lifestyle seems like that of a classic Instagram and, since she’s model, she looks pretty good carrying out said lifestyle.

We’ve been kind enough to cobble together Eleanor’s seven hottest Instagram posts, so have a scroll and enjoy!

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1. Chilling at the Beach Hut

We feel like the empty swing next to Eleanor is being saved for us. No? Oh, well.

Here Eleanor is in the Hamptons, having a cocktail on a swing. Meanwhile, we’re writing this article in a cold flat in South East London. It’s a harsh reality.

2. All Black

We’re getting some serious Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine here. Eleanor is killing the all-black look. This is actually one of the few Instagram where Eleanor is at home in London and not somewhere amazing and hot on holiday.

3. What a Glorious Pool

Eleanor makes holidaying look the best holidaying has ever looked.

Seriously, why can’t we be in Ibiza right now?

4. Lazy Vibes

Anyone else getting Amy Winehouse because of the red bandana? Or is it just us?

The white shirt makes her look very casual, too – and the sunnies make the whole thing something of a look.

5. This Picture is All About the Jumper…

This picture is obviously all about that cosy-looking jumper and nothing else. Nope. Nothing at all.

6. Professional Bikini Modeler

We mean… Does Eleanor ever actually work or does she just go on holiday or the time? Then again, since she’s a model, we guess this kind of counts as work. Lucky for her.

However, we are guessing that this bikini, while it does look great, is going to leave Eleanor with some pretty odd-looking tan lines.

7. Calder’s Cozy Pyjamas

Eleanor manages to look equally good in a bikini on a beach and a pair of pyjamas on a bed. That’s some serious modelling talent right there.



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