RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 is full swing and this year’s queens are as fierce as ever.

With episodes dropping weekly on Netflix, the 15-strong cast is slowly being whittled down, with the contestants battling it out for the grand prize.

Check out the profiles below to find out which queens are still in the 2019 competition and who has sashayed away.

Screenshot: Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 11

A’Keria C. Davenport

First up, we have the current Miss Black Universe!

Known for her huge hair, Davenport has the personality to match.

Ariel Versace

Next in, we have Ariel Versace – the ‘life-size Bratz doll’!

Ariel can put on a great show, so expect big things from this princess.

Brooke Lynn Hytes

Professional ballet dancer and former Miss Continental pageant winner, Brooke Lynn Hytes is one to watch.

Much of her act will involve dance, and why not when you have the talent?

We can’t wait to see what spectacle this queen has in store.

Honey Davenport

Here we have the second queen coming from the prestigious House of Davenport.

She’s an actress and in a band!

Expect this multi-talent to sweep you in with a range of exciting acts very soon.


Mercedes Iman Diamond

Continuing into the queens, we have the one and only Mercedes Iman Diamond.

Sound familiar?

She’s often known as The African Princess and has conquered America with her fabulous, show-stealing act.

Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend, but this Diamond is all about the competition.

Nina West

Everybody loves a comedian, wouldn’t you agree?

Nina West certainly would. This fundraiser, comedian, performer and producer has done it all, and now she’s here to win RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Expect great comic relief and show to remember.

Plastique Tiara

Inspired by Vietnamese pop stars, Plastique Tiara promises to stand out against the grain.

She’s proven very popular on Instagram, and we’d imagine her popularity will extend to the show.

Ra’Jah O’Hara

This queen from Dallas, Texas is ready to dance her way to the top of RuPaul’s good books.

What does that “D” stand for, you may ask?

You better believe it. Another Davenport trailblazer is in the house.

Scarlet Envy

This queen presents a wealth of influence.

Whether it’s channelling the iconic movie stars of the 40s or the art pop sensations of the swinging sixties, she rocks it!

Expect to hear a lot about her inspired looks and familiar dress codes throughout the show.

Shuga Cain

Shuga Cain isn’t just a great drag name. Shuga Cain is a great drag ACT. Period!

She’s only a newcomer, but with any fresh face comes incredible ambition, and of course, a real competitive streak.

Already a key player in the NY drag scene, this contestant has a lot more to show.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache

There’s always one… what a name!

But, don’t let that fool you. There’s a lot to this queen, believe us.

She has a Master’s Degree, and yet, she’s the self-professed life of the party! Soon to be Queen of the party perhaps?


Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

Oh yes, she’s back baby!

Appearing on season 10, Vanjie is back for more RuPaul spotlight.

She was one of the season’s highlights, and it’s a no-brainer to bring her back. Perhaps this time she could win!

Yvie Oddly

Last but certainly not least is the bizarre and fantastic Yvie Oddly.

This fashion obsessive brings a little more strange to her act, working wonders with conceptual art influence.

Expect to have some questions when she takes to the stage!


Kahanna Montrese – Eliminated Episode 2

Las Vegas’ Kahanna Montrese has a lot of influence on street style.

Taken in by Coco Montrese, we can only expect big things from this fiery performer.

Soju – Eliminated Episode 1

Raised in Korea, this contestant brings a cultural spark to her show with K-pop influences.

She is popular for her Youtube channel and series Shot With Soju, which offers former Drag Race contestants the chance to dish the dirt.

When she’s had her chance to reign supreme, we imagine he’ll have plenty of gossip of her own to share on Shot With Soju.


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