Elimination rundown for The Bachelor UK 2019 - meet the three finalists and original 19 girls on Instagram

Elimination rundown for The Bachelor UK 2019 - meet the three finalists and original 19 girls on Instagram

The Bachelor UK final will commence on Thursday, March 14th.

Queuing up for a chance to get to know 31-year-old Bachelor hunk Alex Marks there were an original 17 single ladies – plus two late entries – from across the United Kingdom.

However, over two weeks and nine episodes, this big batch of beauties were whittled down to just three finalists.

Take a look at their profiles and stalk the sh*t out of their Instagram accounts – we’re at the final hurdle, so who do you think is going to win?

Finalists: Charlotte Edwards, Alicia Oates, Charlotte Tyler.

Charlotte Tyler

  • Profession: Musician and singer
  • Reality Titbit Odds: Last in and likely to be the last out
  • Instagram: @charlottemelissatyler

Bio: Charlotte was a member of the girl group Zyrah Rose.

They competed in Britain’s Got Talent in 2016 and made it to the semi-finals before their first four singles went straight to No.1 on the classical iTunes chart.


Charlotte Edwards

  • Age: 36
  • Profession: Full-time Model
  • Reality Titbit Odds: Favourite from the off
  • Instagram: @charlotteeveedwards

Bio: Charlotte has been a full-time model for over 20 years having started in her teenage years. Basically, don’t expect to catch her looking sh*t on camera.

She lives in London and has to keep ultra-fit as part of her job. Having not long broken up with an ex-fiancé of two years, though, we sense she won’t quite make it over the mark.

UK Bachelor Charlotte

Alica Oates

  • Age: 25
  • Profession: Events Co-ordinator
  • Reality Titbit Odds: Could do a Leicester City and completely defy the odds
  • Instagram: @aliciaoates

Bio: A wedding planner by trade, Alicia hopes someone else will be organising the cake and flowers very soon.

We can’t quite see it happening with Alex, though, with a wide selection of more compatible contestants.

UK Bachelor Alicia

Robyn Tollady – Eliminated in Ep 8

  • Age: 28
  • Profession: Professional Bollywood Dancer
  • Reality Titbit Odds: Our choice if not Alex’s!
  • Instagram: @robyntollady

Bio: Robyn is perhaps one of the most interesting cast members of The Bachelor UK 2019.

She’s a professional Bollywood dancer, where she worked in India for five years. She’s settled back in the UK and is looking for Mr Right… which isn’t Alex on this occasion.

UK Bachelor Robyn

Reanne Brown – Eliminated in Ep 7

Bio: Having worked in American for five years, full-time model Reanna has now moved back to Norwich – bet she’s not exactly loving that!

Reanne was married for two years before getting a divorce, something that she says she is still “coming to terms with”.

Reanne Brown

Annabelle Lawrence – Eliminated in Ep 7

  • Age: 24
  • Profession: Model and designer
  • Reality Titbit Odds: Could blow the competition away
  • Instagram: @annielawrence94

Bio: Annie is a swimwear designer originally from Manchester.

She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a First Class Degree in Fashion Design.

After graduating she went on to work with fashion designer Mary Katrantzou and the BBC Strictly Come Dancing costume creator.

Frankie Maddin – Eliminated in Ep 6

Bio: Frankie is originally from Essex but moved to Edinburgh with her parents when she was seven years old.

Alongside makeup, she is super passionate about music and has her own YouTube channel – two things that are unlikely to interest Alex.

UK Bachelor Frankie

Gabriella – Quit in Ep 6

Bio: The smart cookie of the batch, Gabriella is an award-winning journalist and blogger, writing for the likes of the Sunday Mirror, Hello!, and Look Magazine.

Having set up her own blog, Gabz won the Cosmopolitan Award for Best Lifestyle Influencer of 2016 and is keen to tie down a serious relationship.

She’s may have been made of 100% GF material but that wasn’t enough for Big Al.

UK Bachelor Gabriella

Georgina Leahy – Eliminated in Ep 6

Bio: On paper, Georgie never stood much of a chance.

A fire-breathing, singing and acting circus performer from LA, her profile was completely different from the other 18 women and almost looked as if she had been randomly chucked in there

UK Bachelor Georgina

Natasha Mazaheri – Quit in Ep 5

Bio: Natasha is from Essex although she has a mixed Iranian and English heritage.

Just like Alex, she is really into her fitness. After being eliminated in episode 1, fate soon slapped her in the face in episode 5.

UK Bachelor Natasha

Faran Cooper – Eliminated in Ep 5

Bio: A pilates instructor from London, Faran looked like the obvious choice for die-hard fitness instructor Alex.

Obviously not, though.

UK Bachelor Faran


Abbey Carter – Eliminated in Ep 5

Bio: Ambitious, a self-starter and the first to admit that she’s had “way too many crazy nights out” – Abbey already sounds like your everyday mid-20 young professional.

However, she does have a five-year-old son, and we’re not sure how big of a commitment Alex was looking for.

UK Bachelor Abbey

Tonique Campbell – Eliminated in Ep 4

Bio: Describing herself as a “walking contradiction”, Tonique is big on the church but equally as big on alcohol and partying – she even has a tattoo that says “SOZ GOD”.

Tonique is very much a social London butterfly and would have made a solid power couple alongside fitness brand owner Alex.

She was dubbed by newspapers and magazines as the ‘leaked winner’. Erm, obviously not then. Nice one, Cosmo.

UK Bachelor Tonique

Tara – Eliminated in Ep 4

  • Age: 21
  • Profession: Hairdresser

Bio: Tara is the youngest competitor of Bachelor UK 2019 and is a hairdresser from Scotland, although she somehow describes her family as “The Kardashians”.

Looking for a man who will treat her like a princess, this was just never realistically happening.

UK Bachelor Tara

Lilly – Eliminated in Ep 4

  • Age: 24
  • Instagram: @lillydouse
  • Profession: Financial Analyst

Bio: One of the young guns of the series, 24-year-old Lily still lives at home with her nan.

She’s utterly adorable and coasted through the first few rounds but her longest relationship was six months and we can’t imagine Alex ever took her that seriously.

UK Bachelor Lily

Victoria Bailey -Eliminated in Ep 2

Bio: Vic is from Leeds and currently lives with her parents having split up with her ex – great start!

She was part of girlband Voxe, who made it to the boot camp rounds of the X Factor in 2012. That was some time ago, though, and we’re not sure how much she actually had in common with Alex.

UK Bachelor Victoria

Claudia Sowaha – Eliminated in Ep 2

  • Age: 25
  • Profession: Belly Dancer and Model
  • Instagram@claudievisco

Bio: Claudia’s Insta bio reads “latina on a mission”. Well, that’s mission over already.

The 25-year-old has dabbled in everything from belly dancing to modelling while and also has a degree in psychology.

Half Egyptian and half Colombian, she’s certainly one of the most stunning women on the show. However, that wasn’t enough to stop her from elimination in episode 2.

UK Bachelor Claudia

Chloë Adlerstein – Eliminated in Ep 1

Bio: Chloë was all set to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood when she broke her back aged 18.

She definitely has the most inspirational story out all of the contestants on the show having had to re-learn how to walk following her life-changing injury. Not that Alex had any time for sob stories, eliminating her in episode 1!

UK Bachelor Chloë

Lois Bowden – Eliminated in Ep 1

  • Age: 31
  • Profession: Single Mum
  • Instagram: @lois_uk

Bio: Lois is a single mum to a four-year-old daughter and runs her own company.

She already has over 30,000 followers on Insta and is clearly a very hot tamale.

UK Bachelor Lois




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