Inside Elite World Group: Julia Haart's talent company and e1972 clothing line explored!

My Unorthodox Life is a brand new Netflix series in 2021 that takes a look at the life of Julia Haart. Julia is a businesswoman, mother and the epitome of a game-changer!

Julia left her life of living in an ultra-orthodox Jewish community behind around 10 years ago. Today, she and her family, friends and colleagues are the focus of the nine-part Netflix show. Julia’s business, Elite World Group, is a main part of the series, so let’s find out more about her work life!

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My Unorthodox Life: Elite World Group

Elite World Group is heavily covered in My Unorthodox Life. The company is described as ‘the world’s first talent media network’ on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides more information on the company: “For nearly 50 years, Elite World Group has been a global market leader in the talent and modeling agency industry“.

EWG is essentially a talent agency, however, as the woman in charge, Julia aims to change up the modelling industry as best she can.

She said during My Unorthodox Life episode 2: “The fact that still today after ‘Me Too’, after everything that’s gone on, that women are still being used, humiliated and sexualised. To me, this is supposed to be an industry to help women.

Who works at Elite World Group?

Julia Haart is the CEO of Elite World Group. She co-owns the company with her husband, Silvio Scaglia.

Robert Brotherton is the COO of EWG and he’s held the position since 2018.

Models such as Lais Ribeiro and Bridget Malcolm are featured on the Netflix series. Lais Ribeiro sits down for a chat with Julia and Robert while Bridget speaks of her past experiences working in the modelling industry.

My Unorthodox Life | Official Trailer | Netflix

My Unorthodox Life | Official Trailer | Netflix

Julia Haart’s e1972 clothing line

As well as running a huge group of international talent agencies including “Elite Model World, The Society Management, Women Management, Supreme Management, EWG Management and Women 360 Management“, Julia is also creative director for e1972 clothing line.

e1972 is the first fashion brand of Elite World Group. The ‘E’ stands for ‘Elite’ and 1972 is when Elite was founded!

Julia said: “No modelling agency at all has ever started their own brand, so there’s a lot riding on this“.

e1972 celebrates each person’s uniqueness and individuality, as per the company website, they are a: “sizeless luxury brand that creates made-to-measure styles and experiences just for you“.

Pieces can be reserved online via the e1972 website here.



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