First, there was The Only Way is Essex. Then came Made in Chelsea. Now, ITVBe brings you Absolutely Ascot!

The brand new reality TV series launched on Sunday, September 23rd, before continuing to air every Sunday at 10 pm.

Before you decide who you love and hate from the extravagant cast of racehorse lovers, let’s put 18-year-old Ellie Ball under the microscope.

Who is Ellie Ball?

Absolutely Ascot Ellie - ©Optomen Television

Absolutely Ascot Ellie – ©Optomen Television

Who is Ellie Ball?

Ellie is the youngest member of the Absolutely Ascot group and perhaps the one that we can expect tears and tantrums from – what else do teenagers do nowadays?

She is a self-confessed diva and has already drawn a likeness to fellow reality TV star Gemma Collins due to one quote.

Ellie said, in an interview with ITVBe:

I’m a bit of a diva, bad attitude – when I’m hungry – and a caring person.

A young GC, what more could ITVBe fans ask for!

Ellie Ball Parents

Although we don’t know much about Ellie’s net worth, it’s sure to be rising now as she’s appearing on a reality TV show.

As far as her parents go, her glamorous mum, Emma, is on the show. And it looks like her dad bought her a very pricey Rolex watch for her 18th birthday in June 2018.

Ellie at Ascot

Obviously, as the new princess of Ascot, Ellie attended the races this year.

She wore a pink dress with a sparkling silver headpiece.

It’s a shame those plastic wine glasses happened to clash so badly…

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Ladies day 💕

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Is Ellie Single?

Looking at Instagram, Ellie is cosied up with a boyfriend.

She’s tagged her and boo with every colour heart variety going when it comes to the emoji keyboard.

Aren’t they cute…

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My love 💙

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Ellie Isn’t a Good Driver

Her driving is so awful that even her mum can’t even hide it from her anymore.

Apparently each time Ellie failed a driving test she told her mum it was something to do with the test centre, so the pair have driven up and down the country to get a license.

Ellie is best friends with Leah Fletcher but we’re not sure why – all Ellie really wants to do is stay out of the drama, not be right in the middle of it!

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