In September 2018 a brand new TV series, Absolutely Ascot, hit screens across the UK.

The show, which aired on Sundays at 10 pm on ITVBe, follows a group of twenty-somethings as they go about their luxury lives in Ascot.

Ellie Ball is one of the Absolutely Ascot cast members. At the end of season 1, it was revealed that Ellie was expecting a baby.

Now Ellie’s given birth to her first child. Here’s everything you need to know about her baby!

From Optomen Television Absolutely Ascot on ITVBe Pictured: Ellie Ball

Absolutely Ascot’s Ellie

Ellie Ball brought the humour to Absolutely Ascot in 2018.

She and her mum, Emma, made a hilarious comedy duo on the show.

Ellie failed her driving test so many times that she decided it was something to do with the test centre, so she and her mum have driven up and down the country to get a license.

And when Emma found out that Ellie was pregnant she said: “You’re just living in a dream world.”

Emma then wrote on her Instagram that she’s going from ‘MILF’ to ‘GILF’ – we’re not sure if she’s too happy about that title, though.
Screen Shot: Absolutely Ascot episode 5 – ITVBe

Ellie Ball’s Baby

After the pregnancy announcement in season 1, the show pretty much came to an end so viewers only saw Ellie pregnant in the early stages.

She also doesn’t seem like one to share her whole life on Instagram so fans have had little updates on how her pregnancy was going.

Now Ellie has welcomed baby Michael John Sines into the world and he couldn’t be cuter!

Michael is named after his father, Ellie’s boyfriend, Michael.

Although an exact date of birth hasn’t been announced, we would estimate that baby Michael was born on February 22nd 2019.

When Does Absolutely Ascot Series 2 Start?

The Absolutely Ascot crew spent the summer of 2018 filming for series 1.

So we would estimate that series 2 could be out by the end of August 2019.

At the end of season 1, the producers took to Instagram (@absolutelyascot) to speak with the cast about their thoughts on the series.

Mia Sully said: “I’m absolutely distraught that the series is over. It was so much fun filming and amazing to do.”

On one part of the Insta story, a background voice said: “What can we expect from series 2?”

Henry Simmons then went in to kiss co-star Mia Sully who was taken by surprise.

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