Emma Willis’s interview on Roxanne Pallett was unforgiving, stern and powerful.

However, there was one specific moment that Celebrity Big Brother fans have been talking about.

Large sections of Twitter have sent out praise to the 42-year-old CBB presenter after she reacted to Roxanne Pallett’s tears with one brutally unsympathetic move.

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Emma Grills Roxanne

First, Emma announced that she had let Roxanne recap on the footage that was shown to the U.K public.

The clips were a montage of scenes, starting from the moment that Ryan and Roxanne had a play fight. It also captured all of Roxanne’s diary entries, where she called for Ryan to be evicted and said that he had “deliberately” set out to hurt her.

Emma pressed that the incident was completely blown out of proportion in Roxanne’s head, asking: “How can you get something so wrong?”

Roxanne answered: How it felt when he did it, it hurt. I can’t prove a feeling, no-one can. The more I thought about it, it became heightened, and I convinced myself that it happened that way.”

Emma Willis Has the Last Word

Emma didn’t sit back as Roxanne attempted to blame her actions on the fact that it “felt like it hurt”, adding that lots of people were not buying her apology.

Towards the end of the interview, Emma ensured that Roxanne didn’t get the last word.

Tears started to appear in Roxy’s eyes as she welled up over Emma’s question “could you forgive you?”

But, instead of ending on that note and allowing Roxanne to start crying, Emma said thanks to everyone out loud and removed her earpiece, marking the end of the interview.


Like a boss!

Twitter Reacts to Emma Willis

Large sections of Twitter were in awe at Emma’s interview masterclass, where she squeezed answers out of Roxanne opposed to sitting back and letting her make a public apology.

Roxanne had previously appeared on the Jeremy Vine show, although here she was allowed to speak more freely without any probing questions.

How to get Emma Willis’ haircut: Celebrity Big Brother 2018!



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