Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls star Eric Roberts is one of the most famous islanders in this year’s series – he’s a Hollywood actor, after all.

But he’s a Hollywood actor who has somewhat gone under the radar throughout his career. How much do we really know about Eric?

How old is Eric Roberts? And what did he look like when he was young?

How Old is Eric Roberts?

Eric Roberts is 62 years old.

The Dark Knight actor was born on April 18th 1956.

He began acting in 1977, when he was 21 years old and hasn’t stopped since.

Eric got married in 1992 to Eliza Roberts when he was 36 years old. The two have been together ever since.

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What Did Eric Roberts Look Like When He Was Young?

Well, he was pretty damn dashing.

We mean, he isn’t a bad looking gentlemen now, either, but he was certainly a handsome young actor in his day.

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Is Eric Roberts Older Than His Sister, Julia Roberts?

Some of you still may not know this but Julia Roberts – the f*ckin Julia Roberts – is Eric Roberts’ sister.

However, they’ve been estranged for several years – although Eric did visit Julia in the hospital when she gave birth to her twins.

Eric is the older of the two. Julia Roberts is 50 years old, soon to be 51 years old in October.

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How Old is Emma Roberts, His Daughter?

Emma, by now, is a pretty famous actress in her own right. She’s starred in several seasons of American Horror Story and Scream Queens and has also appeared in movies such as We’re the Millers and Nerve.

Pretty good acting family, right? Emma has an Oscar-nominee for a dad and her aunt is none other than Julia Roberts, who actually won an Oscar.

Emma was born in February 1991, making her 27 years old.

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