Every ridiculous gushing Tweet about Tommy Fury's eyes - it's okay, you're not the only one!

Love Island fans found their no.1 crush of the 2019 series pretty damn easily.

Audiences at home were caught fanning down heatwaves of sexual tension from their skin while male and female contestants alike threw themselves at Tommy Fury as he strutted onto the show.

You’re Tyson Fury’s brother, can I be your mate‘. And. ‘Your eyes are literally ridiculous, make me pregnant now‘.

Here are some of the most ridiculous gushing tweets to surface on Twitter as Tommy takes summer by storm on the ITV dating show.

Pictured: Tommy Fury.

Lost in a sea of blue

Understandably, most Tommy Fury tweeters have been lost in his deep blue eyes.

The fact they’re plonked on a good-looking face, which is strapped to a 6ft 2 and 98-kilogram frame of muscle also helps… but none of it would be the same without the eyes.

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Eyes do mysterious yet powerful things

Tommy’s eyes instantly have us imagining what our babies with the pro boxer would look like.

They’re so strong and powerful that some Twitter users have been completely and utterly engulfed by their power.


Excuse the crude

Of course, not all of us see the innocence in Tommy Fury’s sparkling eyes.

Some of us take it way further than cute picnic dates…

Save this man at all costs

The fact that Tommy is a professional boxer is pretty outrageous.

He’s had two fights and won them both.

Can’t he please retire now and save his eyes and face from any potential battering.

Haven’t we heard this before?

Every year, it seems like the cast of Love Island increases in beauty – somehow!

Tommy Fury is the man who has been gifted god-like status thanks to his piercing blue eyes.

Leave us a comment at the end of this article… is Tommy the best-looking male Islander in history?




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