Ibiza Weekender 2019 came to a close on Sunday, March 10th, with a grand finale seeing David ‘El Jefe’ Potts walk away from the show.

With intern Savvas at the wheel, the famous holiday resort looked like as if it was about to spiral into anarchy. And, fortunately, you can be part of the chaos!

Here’s how to watch Ibiza Weekender 2020 from the comfort of your sofa and how to get involved directly as a holiday rep or guest.

From Twofour Productions IBIZA WEEKENDER on ITV 2 Pictured: Jordan.

From Twofour Productions
Pictured: Jordan Davies

Ibiza Weekender 2020: Start date

Ibiza Weekender airs each year from around January/February.

The 2020 season should be no different and was commissioned by ITV in April 2018.

Filming is likely to take place this summer – it’s the last call on getting involved!

How to apply for Ibiza Weekender 2020

To apply for Ibiza Weekender 2020, all you have to do is email [email protected].

The last episode in season 2019 stated that applicants were now open.

Simply send a short email stating your interest combined with a picture and some details about yourself such as your age and social media channels.

The application stresses that you must be 18 years old.

Screenshot: Ibiza Weekender 2020

Screenshot: Ibiza Weekender 2020

Has David left Ibiza Weekender?


The last episode of Ibiza Weekender 2019 teased that ‘El Jefe’ David Potts had quit Ibiza Weekender. However, this is not believed to be the case.

David posted on Instagram shortly after the episode saying “cheers to many more series to come”.

Weekender: Boat Party

Before the next season of Ibiza Weekender we should have a second series of Weekender: Boat Party – the ITV2 spin-off show.

Boat Party is expected to air in October 2019.

The line-up should include Imogen Townley, Jackson Kneeshaw, Charlotte Hughes and Deano Baily.

It’s not believed that El Jefe or Jordan Davies will be part of the season while some new holiday reps will be sure to join the crew.



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