Exclusive interview: Poppy found out that Pete Wicks was seeing someone else from an online article

In an exclusive interview with Reality Titbit, Poppy Haskell revealed how things didn’t go to plan for her and Pete Wicks following a steamy romance in Tenerife.

Poppy joined Pete in the scenic and sunny holiday abroad, confessing that she expected their relationship to move forward as they switched from reality TV romance to real life.

Well, until Pete got caught by the paparazzi snogging another girl that is…

Screenshot: Celeb Go Dating 2019

So Poppy, you and Pete looked pretty smitten heading into the Tenerife final… what happened?

The dates with Pete went really well.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when we first met, but the chemistry was real and his banter was good – so yeah, it was all going great.

It was after the first two dates when Pete mentioned that he was still seeing other people – that’s when I started to have doubts.

Good-looking celebrities like him seem to have everything handed to them, so there wasn’t much I could actually do about the situation.

Poppy Haskell

And then in Tenerife?

Tenerife was amazing, and we had a really good time together.

We had been messaging and stuff behind the Celebs Go Dating agency’s back, and even when I asked the other guys on the show if they were doing the same, they all said no.

I thought it was a good sign and that we would move forward with the relationship after Tenerife.

Ah. Well this is getting more awkward by the minute. Hit me with the ‘but’…

Ha – but once we were back in England, I found out that he was seeing someone else.


Literally, looking online and I saw a story about him kissing a random woman in public and also introducing her to his parents.

After that, I just never messaged him back.

Right on sister, his loss!




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