In an exclusive interview with Reality Titbit, the developers of the Love Island game have confirmed the release date for season 2.

The 2019 version of the game will drop with packs of new features and over 20 different Islanders to couple-up with.

It’s bigger, better and about to take over your summer!

Screen Shot: Love Island game - Fusebox Games

Screen Shot: Love Island game – Fusebox Games

Love Island The Game season 2: Release date

You can download The Love Island game from the Google Play and Apple iTunes store now.

However, the brand new content for the game – titled season 2 – will drop on the same day as Love Island 2019 launches on ITV, on Monday, June 3rd.

Michael Othen, Creative Director at Fusebox Games, told Reality Titbit:

We’re going to be releasing alongside the show, so it will be out on the 3rd of June. The game is already out, but the new content will become available then.

What’s new?

The Love Island 2019 game will boast a host of exciting new features for gamers to enjoy.

Players will be given more options when it comes to coupling up with the men while the importance of the perfect outfit will be heightened as outfits can be worn on multiple occasions.

Michael explained:


There’s an entirely new cast of characters – I think we’ve got over 24 Islanders in total. We’ve added a new wardrobe feature, which was something that users were really keen to have. Now, when you buy an outfit, you’ll be able to wear it again at any point, which is exciting.

Screen shot: Love Island game - Fusebox Games

Screen Shot: Love Island game – Fusebox Games

Your starter character will be given a needed dose of customization too, so you can style your Love Island character more accurately on yourself.

And, perhaps the best news is the confirmation of an extended game-playing experience which will last an entire month!

Michael said:

We’ve got a fully customisable player, so you won’t have to choose from just four predetermined looks as before but you’ll be able to completely customise your characters face. We’ve got more content, so we have 90 episodes spread across 30 days.

Baby Challenges and Casa Amor!

But, before you explode in excitement about all of these new features, there’s still more to come.

Michael exclusively told Reality Titbit that season 2 will feature both Casa Amor episodes and the famous Baby Challenge!

I can confirm exclusively that there will be a Casa Amor interlude and there will be a babies challenges. It’s a big challenge to do Casa Amor because, of course, t really mixes up the villa and changes who’s with who. So it was a pretty big challenge for us to do, but I think the players will really love it!


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