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is expedition bigfoot fake

Expedition Bigfoot features real scientists but some viewers say it's fake

For a third season, the Travel Channel brings back Expedition Bigfoot in 2022. Much like Discovery Channel’s Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch, Expedition Bigfoot is a series that leaves viewers questioning what could be during each episode.

Often leaving the investigators stumped and viewers on a cliffhanger, Expedition Bigfoot is a TV show filled with curiosity. However, some viewers of the show have been left wondering whether Expedition Bigfoot is fake. So, let’s explore how real the Travel Channel series may be…

Inventions That Changed History | Official Trailer | discovery+

Inventions That Changed History | Official Trailer | discovery+

Exploring Expedition Bigfoot’s ‘realness’

Discovery Plus describes Expedition Bigfoot as a “two-month cross-country hunt” conducted by “an elite team of researchers“.

The team returns from their hunt with “mysterious evidence of non-human primate presence in the Appalachian mountains” of Kentucky as per Discovery.

According to one of the show’s cast members Dr Mayor: “This scientific expedition may have finally taken one of the world’s greatest mysteries out of the pages of legend and lore and into reality“.

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Expedition Bigfoot cast

The Expedition Bigfoot cast is made up of experienced and qualified team members.

Dr Mireya Mayor is a world-renowned primatologist who is hailed as a “female Indiana Jones“. Find Dr Mayor on Instagram @mireyamayor where she has over 8.6K followers.

Bryce Johnson is a Bigfoot-obsessed actor and producer. With 24.4K, Bryce can be found on Instagram @mrbrycejohnson.

Russell Acord is a retired Army Sergeant, a survivalist and an author of Bigfoot-related books such as Footprints of a Legend and Bigfoot and the Tripwire. Find Russell Acord on IG with over 4.4K followers @russell.acord.

According to Discovery Plus, the final cast member on the show, Ronny LeBlanc: “is a globally recognized figure in the world of paranormal, Bigfoot and UFOs“. He’s on Instagram @authorronnyleblanc with over 2.6K followers.

Some viewers think Expedition Bigfoot is fake

Over the course of the three seasons of Expedition Bigfoot so far, some viewers of the show have expressed their opinions that they think some of the aspects of the show are fake.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Hey Expedition Bigfoot stop it with the electronic knocking sounds in the background music. Don’t fake tree knock sounds when they’re not actually happening!“.

Others tweeted that they couldn’t take the show’s hunts seriously.

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