Exploring if Netflix’s Twentysomethings Austin is scripted or real

Exploring if Netflix's Twentysomethings Austin is scripted or real

Netflix is bringing out some seriously binge-worthy series in 2021 and Twentysomethings: Austin is one of them. The show sees eight young people all up sticks and move to Austin to start a whole new life. Some are looking to kickstart their careers while others want to live their lives as their true authentic selves.

The series dropped on Netflix on December 10th and episode 1 allowed viewers to get acquainted with Kiki, Roxy, Bruce, Abbey, Kamari, Natalie, Isha and Michael. The show is certainly one that you can’t stop watching once you start, so let’s find out more about Twentysomethings: Austin, is it scripted?

Twentysomethings: Austin | Official Trailer | Netflix

Twentysomethings: Austin | Official Trailer | Netflix

Is Twenty somethings Austin scripted?

Twentysomethings: Austin is described by Netflix as a “…coming-of-age reality series set in Austin“.

Given that the show is a reality series, there are many truths to it, including the casts names, ages, storylines and their friendships on the show.

However, as with anything made for TV, there will likely be elements of the Netflix series that are arranged and planned such as the group outings and dates. Rather than Twentysomethings being scripted, it’s most likely that situations are set up and arranged by the cast isn’t actually reading from a script or rehearsing.

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People are comparing Twentysomethings to The Real World

Since Twentysomethings’ release, many viewers have compared the Netflix show to MTV’s The Real World.

The Real World was originally released in 1992 and ran until 2019. The shows are similar in that they both feature eight young people who embark on life in a new city and everything that happens is filmed.

Some viewers took to Twitter to say they thought Twentysomethings was giving them “Real World vibes”.

Do the Twentysomethings stay in Austin?

The basis of Twentysomethings: Austin is that the eight youngens are moving to Austin, Texas to start a new life. So, if the show is real, it would be likely that at least some of them have remained in Texas.

Bruce, of course, opted out pretty early on during the show. However, Michael’s recent IG posts show him to be tagged in Austin and Abbey is still tagging herself in Texas.

Kamari appears to be in California, judging by his IG page, however, this may not be where he’s permanently based.

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