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Extreme Sisters pregnancy rumours: Are Anna and Lucy Decinque pregnant? Meet their boyfriend, Ben!

Anyone who watches TLC’s Extreme Sisters may be wondering whether two of the sisters are pregnant. Anna and Lucy Decinque are Australian sisters who do everything exactly the same – from their hair to their outfits, their food intake and even the things they say.

Extreme Sisters is a TLC show that takes a look at some twin sisters who have extremely close relationships. Brooke and Baylee, Patrix and Patrica, Brittany and Briana, Christina and Jessica and Anna and Lucy let viewers in on their lives.

Anna and Lucy Try Getting Pregnant at the Same Time | Extreme Sisters

Who are the Extreme Sisters?

Australian sisters Anna and Lucy Decinque are cast members on Extreme Sisters.

The 35-year-old twins are inseparable and spend their days wearing the exact same outfits, hair styles and even went to the extent of getting the same plastic surgery so that their bodies are 100% identical.

There’s nothing like a close family bond but Anna and Lucy take things to the next level as they also weigh out their food to be the exact same weight in order to make sure that they’re the same weight themselves.

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Extreme Sisters: Are Anna and Lucy pregnant?

No, Extreme Sisters stars Anna and Lucy aren’t pregnant.

During the 2021 series Anna and Lucy both explain how they need to be pregnant at the same time as they don’t want to experience pregnancy or motherhood without one another.

They visit a doctor who says that it is possible for the twins to both get pregnant at the same time. Although the doctor looked pretty uncomfortable at the specifics. Anna and Lucy took a pregnancy test during the show, however, their first attempt came back negative.

Who is Ben Byrne?

Ben Byrne is Anna and Lucy Decinque’s boyfriend. The sisters and Ben have been in a relationship for over 10 years.

The trio can’t get married as it’s illegal in Australia, however, they definitely want to have children as soon as possible which is show on the TLC programme in 2021.

Ben is a year older than the twins at 36 years old and said of their relationship: “They tell me they feel like one person, they want to be treated as one person. I will treat them as one person… I don’t see it hurting anyone“.



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