Extremes Sisters: TLC’s Jessica and Christina’s psychic business explored! Here’s what they do

TLC’s new show Extreme Sisters is a show reality TV viewers wouldn’t have imagined. The new reality series features a bunch of really close sibling relationships.

The show features every kind of unique character one could think of, from sisters who sleep in the same bed to the ones who share a boyfriend.

However, Jessica Dunagan and Christina manning have still managed to stand out among the cast members. The twin sisters, both 37, are the show’s psychic twins.

Here’s the all about the Extreme Sisters’ psychic business!

Christina and Jessica’s psychic business explored

The TLC stars have claim to have psychic abilities.

In an exclusive interview, they revealed that they started their psychic career from the age of 18- 19. They revealed that their mom was a psychic too and had a shop filled with things like tarot cards, candles and incense.

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The Extreme Sisters cast members claim to be highly intuitive about each other and the people around them. They claim to have a telepathic connection between them, which helps them communicate with each other without even talking.

The reality stars have definitely used their psychic abilities to open many monetary doors for themselves.

The two are also committed to using their abilities to help people find love and contentment filled life. They co-run Jesstina, their life coach business that aims to transform people’s love lives. Their clientele is expected to increase after their reality tv break.

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Other business ventures explored

Aside from their collaborative ventures, the psychic sisters run their individual ventures too.

Both TLC stars, Christina and Jessica have their individual websites, where their clients can contact them.

The formers website, allows clients to make live calls and book chatting sessions. The TLC star offers scheduled video sessions and is also available on periodic phone calls and chatting services to offer life and love advice to her clients.

She has various online chatting sessions options available that are priced at $135/15 minutes. Fans can also shop the two online courses available on her website, Learn How to Manifest (For Beginners) priced at $9.99 and 21-Day Manifesting Course to Attract Love priced at $39.99.

She also sells her merch that includes hoodies, t-shirts and journals.

Jessica on the other hand is yet to establish her individual business online properly. Her website only provides an option to speak with her. The zoom session is priced at $140 for 15 mins.

Together the sisters have written a book called Charge Your Food, Change Your Life. It’s a Reiki Cookbook.

Their journey on TLC’s Extreme Sisters!

The siblings appear in the first and ongoing season of Extreme Sisters. The show reflects the duo’s closeness as they share the bathroom together. One clip of season 1 shows one of them in the bath and another using the toilet at the same time.

The duo has revealed on the show that they are so close that sometimes they get naked in the woods together to reconnect to where they came from – when they were in the womb.

On top of that, the Gig Harbor-born twins have been through all of life’s highs and lows together, literally. From getting married to getting divorced, to having children at the same time, they have been in the same phase with each other.

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