Love Island's Eyal and Kendall: What WENT DOWN in Manchester?

Finally, the Love Island Christmas Reunion has arrived and it did not disappoint.

All of the series 4 favourites returned for a big festive knees-up, not without a load of awkward couple’s chats, though.

Of all the Love Island couples, Eyal and Kendall clearly have a huge connection.

The pair apparently saw each other over the summer in Manchester, so what happened between them?

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What Happened in Manchester?

After Sam and Georgia had it out after cheating claims and accusations in one part of the house, Eyal and Kendall took themselves off to catch up.

Eyal and Kendall took a pew at the bottom of a very impressive staircase.

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Among a lot of giggling and flirting Eyal said: “So the last time I saw you, hey, Manchester?”

Kendall said: “Oh, don’t.”

Eyal smirked: “That was a fun night, it was very random though.”

For Kendall to reply: “Yeah it was,  just can’t believe what happened…in public.”

Eyal said: “What happened?”

Screen Shot: Love Island Christmas Reunion – ITVBe

An embarrassed Kendall told Eyal to shut up.

Eyal continued:

We were behaving like school kids like kissing each other in the club. You did lick my body as well didn’t you?

Kendall said: “Oh my God, no.”

Screen Shot: Love Island Christmas Reunion – ITVBe

Kendall and Eyal Take a Dip

After their scenic staircase chat, the pair then disappeared off to explore the huge mansion.

Eyal said:

Kendall looks hot, Kendall always looks hot. She’s great, I get on with Kendall really well so we shall see how it goes.

They then sat down outside, Kendall chilled out with her legs in the hot tub for Eyal to join – jeans on and everything!

Screen Shot: Love Island Christmas Reunion – ITVBe

Eyal asked Kendall if she had any regrets from her Love Island experience.

Kendall said: “Maybe not giving anybody a chance, especially when it came to you.”

If I am like completely honest, I am really attracted to Eyal.

We couldn’t have guessed that, Kendall…

Screen Shot: Love Island Christmas Reunion – ITVBe

Prompted by a spontaneous Eyal, the couple then jumped in the pool. Eyal joked: “You’re not as high maintenance as we thought you were, are you?”

Kendall said: “I’m not high maintenance at all” before they shared a smooch under the stars.

Enjoy getting those soaking wet skinny jeans off, Eyal!

Screen Shot: Love Island Reunion – ITVBe



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