Fans react to Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne ‘split rumours’ - "she deserves so much better"

Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne’s seven-year relationship has been dogged with endless cheating rumours, which came to a head on this year’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, when Dan was accused of cheating on Jacqueline yet again.

Nonetheless, the couple worked through it, although rumours that Jacqueline has moved out of the marital house with their two daughters has now resurfaced (Monday, May 25th).

The I’m a Celebrity winner, 27, took to Instagram to put the rumours to bed, although fans seem to be in support of the idea of Jacqueline moving out.

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What happened between Jacqueline and Dan?

On May 23rd, it was reported that Dan and Jacqueline had split up, with Jacqueline allegedly moving out of the home they share with their two daughters to move in with her parents.

Jacqueline, however, posted on an Instagram story to dispel rumours of the split stating: “I need some time. There is no split. No divorce. We are working together not against each other. Change your headlines, please. Thanks.”

There have since been rumours that Jacqueline moved into a secret house without telling Dan. A friend told The Sun that Dan assumed his wife would stay with her parents after she decided to move out, claiming:

“Jacqueline didn’t tell Dan where she was moving to. He thought it would be with her parents. But instead, she’s staying at another property and has signed a six-month lease.”

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What are fans saying about Jacqueline and Dan?

One fan wrote in a tweet: “I absolutely love Jacqueline Jossa. But, I honestly think she needs to let go of Dan Osborne”. They went on to explain “It is not healthy to keep having to take someone back only to almost end things again!”

Another fan tweeted their support for Jacqueline, saying: “Jacqueline Jossa just needs to put herself first and get out of that marriage one day she’s going to realise she should have done it sooner.”

Other fans were tired of the drama, stating they’ve: “Lost count of how many time’s it’s happened. Split up, get back together, split up, get back together x50”.

Some people, however, are hoping this could be it for the couple, and want to make a move on Jacqueline!

Other Twitter users thought this was a long time coming, and one tweeted: “People are getting sad that jac jossa broke up with dan osborne but hes cheated on her multiple times so why would she stay????”

Some fans were quick to criticise the headlines, stating: “The tabloids really need to leave jac Jossa alone, the constant attack is just horrible. We don’t want another Caroline Flack incident.”

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