Bargain Hunt has been one of the BBC’s biggest and best antiques shows since it started in 2000 and it is currently in its 54th series to date.

Although the show has a loyal fanbase, there are some who are considering giving up on it after nearly two decades. And it’s all down to a change in format that aggravates viewers each time it crops up. As they play repeat episodes, when old episodes with the old format play in contrast to the new ones makes for all the more infuriating watch!

So, what has changed about the Bargain Hunt format over the years? And will they ever revert it to its OG state?

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What changed about the 2019 series?

Back in February 2019, there was a format change which unfortunately has stuck around throughout the year.

The 52nd series introduced The Big Spend Challenge and the Guest Presenter’s challenge to viewers. The Big Spend Challenge is to deter those looking to get the most from the least money spent, as they have to spend at least £75 on one of their items.

As it is called Bargain Hunt, fans of the show claimed that this new format defeats the entire purpose of the series.

The Guest Presenter of the week can then set a challenge for the participants. There are two challenges: The Big Spend Challenge’ and ‘The Buying Challenge’.

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Fans infuriated

One asked, “when is this going back to original format so I can watch again” and another stated,”I hate this new Bargain Hunt format! How many more of the awful new format shows have we to go?”

There were some fans who were convinced by the switch, enjoying the changes to the bonus buy section.

But for the most part, viewers have not been pleased with the new changes.

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Will they change it back to the original format?

Unconfirmed. But here’s hoping!

Considering that the format has been changed multiple times over the nineteen years it has been running, it would not be a surprise if the Beeb switched up the Bargain Hunt format once more. And it would be even less of a surprise considering how frustrated fans are with the current format change.

So far, there have been five significant changes to the format. That could be made six if they change it up once more for 2020!



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