Richard Rawlings made an announcement about his hit show Fast N’ Loud – is the Discovery show cancelled?

Richard Rawlings is a familiar face on Discovery as the star of Fast N’ Loud and Garage Rehab. He is also the owner of Gas Monkey Garage and Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill.

This week, the reality star made an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, and made surprising news about the future of Fast N’ Loud.

So, is the Discovery series cancelled?

Richard Rawlings, YouTube @DMAX UK

Fast N’ Loud on Discovery

Fast N’ Loud is a reality series which has been airing on Discovery since June 2012.

It follows Richard Rawlings and his crew from Gas Monkey Garage as they search for run-down cars which they restore for profit.

Fast N’ Loud has had 16 seasons so far. The latest series aired from March until July this year.

Is Fast N’ Loud cancelled?

Richard Rawlings has confirmed that there will be “no more” of the hit reality series.

He announced the news during his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience on Tuesday, December 15th.

While the announcement would come as a big surprise to many viewers, Richard teased that there will be a new chapter for Gas Monkey Garage which might mean that he might return with some sort of new series.

“Fast N’ Loud is no more,” Richard confirmed. “I have exited Discovery and I am a free agent. We are going to be doing some cool things in 2021.

“It was time for me to expand and go a little bit [further]. I kind of got to the top of that mountain being at Discovery. There wasn’t anything else for me to do there.”

Fans react to the news

It’s safe to say that many Fast N’ Loud viewers are disappointed that the show has been cancelled.

One viewer took to Twitter and said: “Two of my favorites! I listened on my ride home and have to say I’m sad to hear the news. Fast N’ Loud is one of my favorite shows. Thanks for 8 awesome years! Looking forward to what the future has for you and Gas Monkey Garage!”

In response, Richard tweeted back: “Not the end, just a new chapter in @GasMonkeyGarage’s book! Just you wait till you see what I have planned next.”

Another viewer commented: “I’m late, but I’m bummed Fast N’ Loud is over.”

By Filiz Mustafa – [email protected]


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