Faye Winter looks to have had Love Island viewers in shock on August 6th 2021. The 26-year-old was not impressed by the evening’s movie challenge. Many people took to Twitter to express their feelings on Faye’s actions, others want to know her zodiac sign…

The Love Island contestant has been on the 2021 show since day 1, but judging by Twitter, her days in the villa may come to an end sooner than she’d hoped. Here’s a look at Faye’s birthday, star sign and more!

faye winter zodiac sign
Screenshot: Faye Winter zodiac sign Love Island 2021 – ITV Hub

When is Faye Winter’s birthday?

Faye Winter was born on June 21st, 1995. She’s 26 years old in 2021.

The Love Islander was born in Exeter and works as a lettings manager, that was before she became a queen of memes and reality TV sensation, however.

As one of the OG’s on Love Island season 7, Faye has become a stand-out character on the show, however, after the movies challenge, it looks like Faye may have lost some fans.

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Faye’s zodiac sign explored

Following Faye and Teddy Soares’ argument after the movies challenge, Love Island viewers want to know more about Faye’s zodiac sign.

Given that Faye was born on June 21st, she’s a Cancer in astrology terms.

Negative Cancer traits usually include the following according to InStyle: “Cancer’s intense connection to their emotions doesn’t come without its negative side, which is a tendency to be moody and snappy (they are the Crab, after all) when rubbed the wrong way in a particularly sensitive, agitated state.”

Their positives, however, include: “Compassionate, often sweet, always deeply feeling, and capable of cracking up their inner circle with their offbeat or goofy sense of humour, you can rely on the Cancers in your life to offer a shoulder to cry on…“.

According to Compatible Astrology, Faye is most likely to get on with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces signs. Cancers are least likely to be compatible with Aries and Libra.

Given that Teddy’s birthday is April 6th, that makes him an Aries, so perhaps the couple wasn’t meant to be after all…

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Twitter reacts to Faye’s meltdown

Love Island season 7 episode 40 saw Faye officially reach boiling point. After going off at Teddy for allegedly “lying” about his behaviour in Casa Amor, Faye’s been the subject of a lot of Tweets from viewers.

One person Tweeted: “I feel like crying for Teddy. Yes, it must have been upsetting for Faye to see that, but no one deserves to be spoken to / treated that way. Teddy remained a gentleman and just wanted to talk and resolve it – he’s one of the good ones. Teddy deserves so much better”.

Another said: “After all the producers have put Teddy through… they better give him the 50k or I’ll go hurricane Faye on them“.

Many people also made memes about the villa drama: “Me when Faye went off at Dale and then Matt spoke up to defend him and you could see Faye ready to have another fight.

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