Meet the FBOY Island cast: Nakia Renee, Sarah Emig and CJ Franco have 24 men to suss out!

They look like angels, but they’re really the devil” – that’s what cast member Nakia Renee has to say about the men on FBOY Island! Three women have to work out which men are on the island for the right reasons, 12 of them are self-confessed FBOYs and the other 12 are “nice guys”.

There’s $100,000 up for grabs on FBOY Island and given that the HBO Max show is hosted by comedian Nicole Glaser, viewers are certainly in for a few laughs. The teaser trailer shows a lot of shower scenes, pool parties, flirting, kissing and arguing all against the backdrop of paradise – the Cayman Islands!

Screenshot: FBOY Island | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Meet the FBOY Island girls

“Singer, Songwriter and Creator” Nakia Renee is one of the three girls taking part in FBOY Island! She’s 28 years old, comes from Los Angeles, California, and can be found on Instagram @nakia.renee with around 15k followers.

Next up, we have Cj Franco. She’s 30 and also comes from Los Angeles, California. Follow Cj on Instagram @itscjfranco where she already has a whopping following of 513k.

Last, but not least, we have Chicago-based Sarah Emig. She’s 25 years old and can be found on IG @sarah.emig with around 4.5k followers.

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FBOY Island cast

Now for the 24 men that the girls have to suss out. Let’s get to know the broskis below…

Screenshot: FBOY Island | Official Trailer | HBO Max

What is the aim of the HBO Max show?

HBO Max’s FBOY Island sees the three women looking for love.

However, of the 24 men they get to mingle with in paradise, half of them aren’t looking for anything serious, while the other 12 are on the show for the ‘right’ reasons.

To mix things up even more, everyone has the chance to win $100,000. Host Nicole Glaser said: “The FBOYs have admitted to our producers they’re just here for the cold hard cash.

It’s up to the girls to get rid of the FBOYs and find themselves a nice guy…



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