First Dates is back in 2020 kicking off with a Valentine’s Special on February 13th. The Channel 4 show airs on Thursdays at 10 pm and with each episode, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the nation’s heart is set to be melted.

Singletons from all over the UK flock to the First Dates restaurant, and episode 1 saw guests dining from Cirencester, Plymouth and more.

Striding into the First Dates restaurant in episode 1 of series 14 was dapper-looking Byron Hadley. So, let’s get to know First Dates 2020 star and all-around quirky chap Byron.

Screenshot: Byron and Lexi First Dates 2020 – Channel 4

First Dates 2020 – Byron

Looking to be happy and start enjoying life was 34-year-old Byron.

From his moustache to extravagant suit, it was clear that there was more than meets the eye with the First Dates singleton.

When asked if he considered himself quirky, Byron said: “Yes. There’s not a lot of people out there of my age that collect oddities and strange things. Old sideshow attractions, items pickled in jars, a few skulls.”

He added: “When you get to know me, I’m a nice fun loveable individual.”

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What’s Byron’s job?

During his first date, Byron revealed that he works as a funeral director, to take things up a notch, he then added: “And a trained mortician.”

Byron described himself as an “all-rounder in the trade.”

On LinkedIn, the 34-year-old writes: “I do like to think I specialise in the more unusual.”

Due to the nature of his job, Byron mentioned that women usually “run off”. However, his date, Lexi, didn’t seem totally scared-off by his career choice.

Byron added:

Don’t judge a book by its cover, you might land up with one of these hunkier chaps who could be a complete a***ole.

Byron and Lexi’s date

Speaking to First Dates bartender Merlin, Byron explained that he’d been divorced a year and was looking for someone “a little naughty.”

His wish looked to have been granted as 36-year-old ‘party planner with a wild side’ Lexi walked into the restaurant.

Ann Summers rep Lexi said she was looking for someone honest and loyal and added: “I absolutely love ginger men. Ginger men are a hidden gem.”

Screenshot: Byron and Lexi First Dates 2020 – Channel 4

But, things may have looked perfect on paper, but in real life it turned out that Lexi and Byron weren’t for each other.

While Byron was up for a second date, Lexi said she’d see him again but “purely as friends.”

Maybe it was something to do with Byron’s admissions on things he’d eaten in the past. While eating snails he said: “I’ve eaten some strange things in the past, so this is pretty tame.

“Goats brains. The only thing I haven’t done is eyeballs and testicles.”

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Screenshot: Byron and Lexi First Dates 2020 – Channel 4