First Dates is a-go in December 2019. Season 13 of the show kicked off from Tuesday, November 12th on Channel 4.

The show sees singletons from all walks of life. From people who have never been on one date to those who are now widowed.

Episode 5 of First Dates aired on Tuesday, December 10th 2019. The Channel 4 show sees all kinds of daters walk through the restaurant doors, but episode 5 had someone with a very interesting background on the show…

Screenshot: First Dates Barry episode 5 – Channel 4

First Dates: Who is Barry?

Episode 5 of First Dates introduced us to Barry Leng, a music producer yet to find his number one lady.

Barry said he was looking for someone a lot like himself, someone who likes music.

Reflecting on his past, Barry said: “When I had success, and success is an aphrodisiac, you know girls gravitate towards somebody who’s successful, money. If I turned up at a restaurant I had to park my Ferrari right outside, right.”

Speaking of his hairstyle, Barry, 71, said it gains him a lot of attention. He said:

They just can’t resist having a feel. It’s soft and yet, erect.

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Barry and Martine’s date

Fun-loving Barry was paired with Martine for his first date.

Martine, 62, looked to be the perfect match who was once in pop group Guys and Dolls.

She said: “It’s just an amazing life, you never want it to stop.”


Martine was looking for someone kind, charming and loves music. The first thing she said to Barry was: “That’s really impressive hair you’ve got there.”

Later into their date, Martine opened up about how her ex-husband had an affair.

While Barry spoke of his regrets. He no longer has contact with his son. He said: “My son has never forgiven me. I’ll probably not be invited to the wedding. If he has a kid, I won’t see the kid.”

By the end of the date, both Barry and Martine agreed that they’d like to see each other again.

Screenshot: First Dates Martine episode 5 – Channel 4

What songs did Barry produce?

Martine and Barry got talking over music during their date given that it was their main thing in common.

Barry’s big hit was Amii Stewart’s Knock On Wood. He said it had about 12 million sales of singles and was number one around the world.

Barry explained: “I produced this it was 1978 when I did it I thought ‘this is a smash’.”

As well as Knock On Wood, Barry produced many more songs including Give It Up, More Than in Love and Light My Fire.

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