First Dates Hotel: We found RACHEL on Instagram and she is stunning!

First Dates Hotel: We found RACHEL on Instagram and she is stunning!

Episode 5 of First Dates Hotel was dominated by the romance of Rachel and Ash.

The pair looked uber smitten as they ended their getaway dinner in Southern Italy outside on the poolside beds – where Ash even strummed his guitar and hummed his date a love song!

We searched for Rachel Prever on Instagram to find out what she has been up to since her time on First Dates Hotel and whether she is still dating Ash.

What we found, were there seven stunning photos!

Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel Rachel and Ash, series 3, episode 5

Roll on October 31st

No matter what you’ve got planned for Halloween this year, your costume is not going to top Rachel’s.

The receptionist from Loughton, Essex, has an outrageous makeup design where she looks like the world’s most glamorous pumpkin.

Summer Lovin’

It wasn’t just on the Channel 4 dating series where Rachel was looking for love.

Enjoying a holiday to Malaga over summer, here’s a pic you didn’t get to see from Rachel’s time lounging around the First Dates Hotel pool.


If you’ve got a fancy dress party coming up then be sure to invite Rachel – she loves it!

Plastered in more sparkly and glittery sh*t, the bird is definitely the word here.

Only in Ibiza

Titled ‘Ibiza made me do it’ we all know about the sins that go down on the White Isle.

Either way, we’re sure the car park attendants didn’t mind too much.

Lady in Red

Red is a fitting colour for Rachel Prever, considering she pulled out this dangerous joke during her appearance on First Dates Hotel episode 5.

Rached joked:

I had a friend who died of heartburn… His name was Gavis-gon.

Oh, and for those interested, there are no Insta pics or stories that involve Ash, so we can’t imagine that they dated for long!

First Dates Hotel: Ash is officially the CUTEST guy of the series!




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