First Dates Hotel: Who is former St Johnstone player Martin Buglione? Career and goals explored!

Episode 2 of the new First Dates Hotel 2020 series introduced us to former St Johnstone football player Martin Buglione.

Now a roofer by trade, the 52-year-old went on a date with Josie, and only very briefly mentioned his football career.

Having played for more than 10 different clubs in England and scoring a club record 158 goals at Margate, there’s more than meet the eye when it comes to Martin Buglione.

Martin’s First Date with Josie

We were first introduced to Marin and Josie as they flirted at the waiting bar with Merlin looking on. Sipping her bright orange cocktail Josie instantly clicked with her date as they bantered one-other about their day jobs and the fact they both had kids.

Within 30 seconds the pair were winding each other with jokes; Josie testing her dates reaction by saying that she was 58 years old.

Screenshot: First Dates 2020

Martin Buglione’s football career from Margate to St Johnstone

Martin was divorced at age 32 having been together with his former partner for 18 years and confessed that it was when he was scouted for St Johnstone and made the move to become a professional footballer that his relationship became more difficult.

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From 1990-1993 Maritn starred for local non-league club Margate, where he scored an incredible 158 goals, setting a new club record. The left-footed striker was affectionally known as ‘Bugsy’ on the pitch and was scouted by professional Scottish outfit St Johnstone, where he made the move North at the age of 25 in 1993.

Martin only lasted one season at St Johnstone although he fulfilled his boyhood dream of playing at a professional level and scored twice in 17 appearances.

Screenshot: First Dates 2020

Screenshot: First Dates 2020

Screenshot: First Dates 2020

Screenshot: First Dates 2020

Eventually, he moved back Margate for three seasons between 1995-1998 before dotting across non-league football with a further eight different clubs and retiring in 2005.

He scored over 200 goals in his career, netting 38 league goals in the 92/93 season with Margate, another 38 in 95/96 season upon returning to the club and a further 58 over the following two seasons. Quite a record!

According to his Instagram, Martin now plays for an England veterans team.

Are Martin and Josie still dating?


The pair ended the date connecting on a much deeper level as Josie opened up about how her brother passed away aged 17 when he was accidentally hit by a bus.

Martin stood up to hug and comfort her date as she admitted to feeling like it was her fault having asked her younger brother to go to the shops moments before the accident.

Screenshot: First Dates 2020

Screenshot: First Dates 2020

Screenshot: First Dates 2020

The date finished as the pair walked away arm-in-arm away to their rooms having said on the interview-to-camera that they wanted to meet up for another date.

Josie added “he ain’t stopped flirting with me all night” to which Martin cheekily replied:

You ain’t seen nothing yet…

First Dates confirmed that the pair went on a second date in Italy although it is unknown if they are still dating now.

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