First Dates: Howard from Halifax gets "extra" - splurges on champagne and oysters!

First Dates is back in 2020 with a brand new series. The restaurant doors have officially reopened and an array of daters ready to find love.

Fred Sirieix and his top-notch waiting team assist the First Daters on what is normally one of the most nerve-wracking things they will ever do.

The show attracts a real variety of characters, young and old. And as it turns out, a celebrity features in the new 2020 series.

Howard from the Halifax advert appears on First Dates in episode 3! Let’s see what he’s up to know.

Screenshot: First Dates 2020 Howard – Channel 4

First Dates: Howard from the Halifax adverts

Yes. Your eyes are not deceiving you, that really is Howard from the Halifax adverts on First Dates.

Anyone who remembers his song Xbomb from the early 2000’s will have fond memories of Howard. He was the face of Halifax for a long time and a staple on our TV screens.

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Howard also released a cover of Barry White’s “You‘re The First, The Last, My Everything” during his Halifax days which was of the more iconic adverts.

A career highlight for Howard was appearing in The Office Xmas Special with Ricky Gervais.

Now, he’s back on our screens on Channel 4’s First Dates in March 2020. Playing his career down on his date, Howard said he worked in ‘TV and media’.

His date, Bev, was after someone “Tall, dark and handsome.” She said: “When you walk in with them, people look.”

It looks like Bev got more than she bargained for with Howard – the whole restaurant instantly recognised the actor!

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Was Howard a Halifax employee?

Yes! Howard was an actual Halifax employee before he auditioned to be in the Halifax adverts.

He said he auditioned “for a laugh” and was picked out of over 2000 people.

The 53-year-old started out as a customer services rep at the bank, moved onto sales ambassador and following his  TV ad fame, ended up with a waxwork at Madame Tussaud’s.

Screenshot: First Dates 2020 Howard – Channel 4

What does Howard do now?

A quick glance at Howard’s website gives us an insight into Howard’s life in 2020: “Howard is broadening his horizons and is now focusing on a music career, TV Media opportunities and new presenting projects.”

You can follow Howard on Instagram @howardbrown196.

The former Halifax employee writes in his Insta bio: “TV & Media Personality. Vocalist – Actor”.
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