First Dates Valentine's Special: Liam and Rebecca have viewers divided - 'TV gold' or 'annoying'?

Any First Dates fans will be pleased to know that the show is officially back in 2020.

A Valentine’s Day Special aired on Channel 4 on Thursday, February 13th at 10 pm.

A variety of singletons entered the First Dates restaurant – and for some of them, it was literally their first date ever. Some of them, though, have actually been through the First Dates experience before!

Rebecca has been, in her words: “Just bobbing along” since the last time she was on the show.

Week 45

Rebecca and Stephen’s double date

First Datee Rebecca is 23 years old and hails from Melton Mowbray.

Definitely not one to hold back on speaking her mind, Rebecca is well-known in the First Dates restaurant for coming out with some hilarious comments.

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And it turns out that her first shot on the show wasn’t a one-off – she’s genuinely like that all the time!

While waiting for her date at the bar, Rebecca said: “I wish I was plastered right now because the bloke’s not here.”

Previously, Rebecca and her twin brother, Stephen, appeared on the show in 2018, in a kind-of double date.

The 23-year-old came out with all-sorts during her appearance on the show.  She said: “Mum always says ‘You need to find a rich man, then you won’t have to work.'”

Screenshot: Liam and Rebecca First Dates – Channel 4

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What happened during the Valentine’s Special?

Rebecca was matched during the Valentine’s Day Special with 20-year-old student nurse Liam.

Prior to Liam arriving, Rebecca’s brother, Stephen, said: “Don’t be too suggestive with your fondue.”

Referring to her cocktail, Rebecca replied: “Well, I’m sucking the s*** out of this!”

The pair looked to get on like a house on fire during their date with a tonne of innuendos flying around.

The Melton Mowbray lass and her date had a great time with banter flowing – unlike her first experience on First Dates. The main event finally came around by the end of Rebecca and Liam’s date – the fondue!

Rebecca got stuck in (as expected) grabbed her fondue stick and said: “Stir it around, oooof, have a good dip!”

After sharing her and her twin brother’s love of Cher with Liam, he then admitted that he loves Cher, too. The pair got on so well that they even left the restaurant hand-in-hand singing “Strong Enough”.

While some viewers of the show were in love with Rebecca and Liam, others found Rebecca to be too much! One Twitter user wrote: “TV Gold. Give Rebecca her own show.”

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