First Dates: Viewers love DANNI and her brave transexual reveal!

Fans of First Dates were left in awe after a first-time dater revealed herself as transsexual.

Stunning model and lingerie designer Danni had heads turning all around the restaurant as she strutted into the building.

Fellow Londoner Aiden was equally blown away by his date’s beauty, and his reaction to Danni’s big reveal has earned plaudits on social media.

Here’s how the date unfolded…

Screen Shot: First Dates Danni – Channel 4

Screen Shot: First Dates Danni – Channel 4

Clash of the Giants

Standing at 6ft 1, Danni confessed that she needed a man who was more than a little lofty.

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While it may have sounded like a tall order, Aiden marched into the restaurant at 6ft 8 – which literally classes him as a giant!

Screen Shot: First Dates Danni – Channel 4

Cheers to That!

The pair immediately clicked, mainly because they were clinking their glasses to both being hungover.

Comfortable with how her date was unfolding, 25-year-old Danni decided to open up about how she was a transsexual.

Danni tested the water by explaining her lingerie design idea:

I basically want to make products because I couldn’t find anything that was made for trans-woman… which is me!

Aiden, who is pansexual, grinned like a Cheshire Cat following Danni’s reveal, adding that he “never realised” and “didn’t notice”.

Screen Shot: First Dates Dani and Aiden – Channel 4

Daniel Zac

Danni went on to explain how her old name was Daniel Zac and that she even called herself Crystal during an eight-year journey to becoming trans.

The new Dani turned herself into the confident woman she is today thanks to the loving support of her mum.

Screen Shot: First Dates Dani – Channel 4

Screen Shot: First Dates Dani and Aiden – Channel 4

Intimate Bits

The pair went on to another bar and even agreed to another date.

First, however, there was room for the conversation to turn intimate, with Danni cooing those seven magic words that every date wants to hear.

Screen Shot: First Dates Dani and Aiden – Channel 4



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