First Dates: Views on splitting the bill in 2013 will shock you – Series 1

First Dates: Views on splitting the bill in 2013 will shock you - Series 1

Episode five of First Dates series 10 caused a nation-wide debate.

Cecilia got into a heated argument with her date, Viv, because they both wanted to pay the full bill.

Fans on social media were quick to voice their opinions, with the large part believing that splitting the bill should be the most common practice in 2018, although either party offering to pay the full bill is an acceptable and appropriate gesture.

Question is, when First Dates first launched in 2013, was the attitude towards splitting the bill the same?

Flashback to 2013

The first episode of First Dates aired on June 20, 2013.

While there were many differences to the show, including an incredibly young-looking Fred Sirieix, the dilemma of the bill brought up the same issues as in 2018.

Here we have the first ever couple to feature on First Dates splitting the bill, with Tasmin taking the lead and offering to go halves.

The original format saw seven or eight dates in one episode.

The majority of the bills in episode one were paid by the man, although throughout the series there were examples of going Dutch.

Social Media Was Very Different

No, we don’t mean that people were still using MSN Messanger and Bebo.

The biggest difference from dating shows in 2013 was how social media reacted.

Throwing back five years ago and people were shocked and horrified when a woman offered to split the bill.

All Tweets are from 2013.

In fact, just five years ago and the idea of a woman offering to split the bill was considered ‘news’.

Type of Men

Perhaps – and hopefully – what may have changed the most since 2013 is the calibre of men on the show.

Here we have DJ ‘Terry Turbo’ of series one, talking about his date and her dress.

Terry went on to a quip a selection of toe-curling one-liners, mentioning the “250 plus” girls he had slept with along with comments on his favourite holiday destination, Faliraki.

Can you get any more 2k13 than a lads holiday to Faliraki…

Terry added: You know, not all the girls I have slept with can be perfect 10’s. But if they’ve got a good sense of humour and a lovely pair of tits then I’d definitely be involved.”

Perhaps with men like this, it was only fair that the man paid for the full bill…

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