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First Time Call Girl Cassandra (no full name provided due to sensitive nature of show), experienced high class escort, posing for camera

We found Cassandra from First Time Call Girl on Instagram - she's bathing in luxury gifts!

Brand new Channel 5 show First Time Call Girl launches on Monday, February 25th.

The documentary will delve into the world of escorting as a group of escorts share their secrets on what really happens behind closed doors.

Featuring the likes of Alexis, Kat and Cassandra, we found the latter on Instagram to give you the down-low on who she really is.

First Time Call Girl

What is First Time Call Girl About?

First Time Call Girl will closely follow three female escorts; Alexis (22) Kat and Cassandra.

The one-off episode will explore what really happens behind closed doors in the escort industry, exploring topics around both sex and dating.

The myth-busting programme will explain what actually happens between clients and escorts in the industry, highlighting costs and common requests.

You can watch the episode on Channel 5 on Monday (February 25th) at 10 pm.

First Time Call Girl

Who is Cassandra?

Cassandra is a 28-year-old escort.

She is considered a high-end escort, with her rates starting at £3,000 per day.

You can follow Cassandra on Instagram under @cassandraluxury, where she often chronicles some of her dates without giving away who her client is.

For instance here, enjoying a date at high-class date with a £70 bottle of wine.

Other posts include captions such as “thank you my darling” where she has received an expensive gift from a client.

In this case, a Cartier bracelet.

In other cases, a case full of Louis Vuitton gifts!

Naturally, the rest of Cassandra’s profile is on the more raunchy side, with a selection of lingerie pics and teasing poses.

She’s also travelled a lot thanks to her line of work, with plenty of pictures in Moscow.



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