Five facts on Rodney Burford: Deaf U star’s age, Instagram and height!

Rodney Burford has become one of the most loved cast members of the Netflix docu-series ‘Deaf U’. Rodney is a self-proclaimed ‘bad boy’ and fans of the show want to know all about him.

There are seven new Netflix series to honour the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Deaf U is one of them. The series follows some of the students at Gallaudet University, which is a private college for the deaf.

Everyone is desperate to know more about the Deaf U star that we all became obsessed with and here’s the tea!

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Five facts on Rodney Burford: Deaf U star’s age, Instagram and height

1. Where is Rodney from?

Rodney was born in Brooklyn, New York. Both his mother and father went to Yale, which we find out in the series was a massive inspiration for him as a child.

2. What does Rodney study at University?

According to Gallaudet Athletics, Rodney is a linebacker on the university’s football team. Rodney is doing a major in Psychology and according to Rodney’s Facebook profile, he held the role of Student Ambassador for the University in August 2019. When he was younger he went to high school at Maryland School for the Deaf.

3. Why did Rodney want to be on Deaf U?

According to Bustle at a press tour in August for the Television Critics Association, Rodney shared why he wanted to be a part of Deaf U.

“I wanted to show everyone how deaf people ‘function,’” he said. “One thing I think people will learn is that deaf people can do what you all do. The only thing we can’t do is hear, and that’s all. We do have our own college; we do have our own culture… the culture is so rich.”


4. What is Rodney’s Instagram?

His Instagram is currently set to public and his bio reads: “They call me Boobie … Brooklyn bred Isaiah 54:17.”

Most of Rodney’s pictures consist of him on the football pitch or hanging out with his friends. Bobbie has over 1,757 followers on Instagram. His profile is usually private and only recently has he changed his privacy settings to public.

5. How tall is Bobbie?

Rodney is 6 feet tall and weighs 195lbs according to his Gallaudet statistics.

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Deaf U star Rodney Burford opens up

Rodney opened up in the series about his personal life and explained in the series that he uses a cochlear implant.

We also found out that he is a ladies man and in a scene where he spoke to his friend, Rodney opened up about his ex-girlfriend. Rodney’s ex, Alexa, had slept with his good friend, Daequan, even though he told her not to hook up with any of his friends. Rodney spoke openly to the camera about his relationship and his emotions.

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